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I’ve just added JETLAG RADIO episode 101, and BENKYO RADIO 038. I wanted to mention a few things: first of all, MSF really needs help in the DRC. I hope that the State Department addresses what they plan to do to help the situation over their next press conference. Second, we just had MLK Day, and there is a disconnect about what people are really facing. A minority has to work twice, or three times as hard to get noticed. That’s just the reality. Have you ever gone to the store? Have you seen a caucasian person come in with a tshirt and flip flops? Why can a white person wear a sweater and it’s no issues, but if a black person wears a sweater, all hell breaks loose? People need to come together. Stop being scared of one another. We are all in this together. All of us are inundated with TV shows, but honestly, we all need to watch COSMOS (can’t wait for season 2). Do you know why? Because it reminds us that our daily problems are minute compared to the vast universe. Life on Earth is precious, Do you know that every time the Sun “burps” (Solar Flare), it knocks down major systems on our planet? You need to appreciate every day on Earth. Stop the nonsense, and work together. I saw something amazing online today, everybody kept posting “ten years ago, and today” photos. I saw sometimes much better. It showed today and ten years from now. Yes, maybe Climate Change is ravaging our planet now, but let’s envision a 2029 where we’ve solved Climate Change. We’ve got the statistics. We got those folks who have worked decades to explain us with graphs that it is happening. Now we need solutions. Basically, it’s like this. Al Gore was right. He was right all along. Therefore, the era of him saying “I told you so” is over. Now we need solutions. I’m guilty of it too. I’ve raised awareness, but what have done personally? I’ve voted, yes that’s good, but there’s a next step, and a higher step, and an even higher step. The basic step was to talk about it. The next step was to attend a local meeting. The next step was to promote that institution. What is the next level? It can be as simple as planting a tree. So that’s what I plan on doing, I’m gonna plant a damn tree. Rising CO2 levels, y’all. We each as individuals need to reduce our carbon footprints. I kept ripping on Moby telling us that cows are causing all the Climate Change, but I guess he’s right, so we gotta eat less burgers. Whatever your set of skills are, bring it to the table, and help out. If you can draw, do some artwork. If you’re a musician, do some music. If you’re a writer, write books. If you write articles on Climate Change, thank you so much, they are vital to get out the message.

I’m still reading Nafeez Ahmed books. Wow, there are some bewildering revelations in there. In any case, it does remind me that it’s been 18 years since that tragic day, and that means people born around that day are now about to attend college! Wow. I ask the new Congress to pass a Bill which guarantees free college tuition to any student who lost a loved one on that tragic September day. While we’re on the topic, Jon Stewart is still waiting on you (Congress) to fully support 100% medical costs paid for first-responders who became sick that day.

Rolex 24 Hours is happening this weekend! Best of luck to all the drivers. May the best man win!

Music-wise, I think I will listen to the new Future album, I bet it’s NSFW, but hopefully not too NSFW.

Book-wise, well, 2019 just started, and I hope to read over 52 books this year yet again. Gotta work on my reading list.

Game-wise, gotta catch up on Gran Turismo. They’ve added the Integra Type R!!!

Until Next Time!


  • How Space and Time Could Be a Quantum Error-Correcting Code [Quanta Magazine]

  • How collective intelligence can change your world, right now [Nafeez Ahmed]

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Wow, 100 episodes of JETLAG RADIO! What started as a small project became something gigantic. I love that quote by Terry Crews that says “Just because they aren’t following you, doesn’t mean they aren’t following you.” Fans are awesome (I don’t mind it when folks want to work/study next to me when I’m out and about). I want to thank everybody who has been following. It’s amazing how some people will only be there when times are great, but disappear when times are hard. The true people are those who stick by you and times are tough, and times are well. One great lyrics quote from 21' Savage’s new album is “would you still love me if I had minimum wage?” Because that’s God’s Honest Truth. Are people surrounding you only when you are popular, but suddenly vanish when you are not doing good? Watch out for those people. Surround yourself with folks who are there in good times and the bad.

I hope I inspired folks to continue to study, all the time, to pursue whatever you are chasing. If you are just pursuing diamond watches like rapper Future, more power to you, but I’m not impressed (sometimes he makes great songs, sometimes he makes bad songs). Bragging about “you’re still not a millionaire” on his Snapchat is not the right approach to inspire the hearts and minds of young people. People who are studying day and night to become better version of themselves. I’m more impressed by a young woman named Ocasio who just became a very young congressman. She has a lot of haters, because she’s trying to change the system. Do you remember your first job? My first job was a Bagger at a groceries store. I pushed carts in the snow. My hands were freezing. I will never forget that experience. My second job in High School, was working at a library. Knowledge is important, and it’s important when we all win. For the longest time the 1% controls everything. It’s still true to this day. But how do we change this? It doesn’t happen overnight. Barack Obama didn’t bust in the front door of the White House listening to Tupac, they would have shot him on sight. He was a Community Organizer. He inspired people. He got people to vote. People were and are still exciting by him. People are excited about Hillary too, but unfortunately, due to Macho Society, she lost. It’s time to wake up and re-read what FiveThirtyEight said: elderly white women (listening to the wrong men) voted for Trump. End of discussion. If you support women, you need to show this at the polls. “No to the Hillary dynasty blah blah blah” No to what? Need I remind you that President Clinton had a surplus doing his time in office? Bill Clinton’s scandals fit on a post-it. Trump’s scandals, you need a whole department for that. Remember the line from Jurassic Park “nobody cares! nobody cares!” That’s what’s currently happening, and it is an outrage. Did you see the front cover of The Economist? Society is treating this into a TV show. Do you have any idea how embarrassing that is for the past 3 presidents? You want to joke about the stability of the free world? The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is congregating in a week or so. You don’t joke about that. Democrats now control the House of Representatives. It’s time to end this shutdown, push to fix Climate Change, Medicare for All, Free Tuition, make Pre-Kindergarden free, Black Lives Matter, Equality Rights, Income Inequality, so on and so forth. Why are school supplies a demoralizing topic for Teachers? Why can’t we have both money for the military and Teachers, why is Senator Sanders the only one speaking out? The rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Now that I have reached my 100 playlists milestone, I’d like to give you my most important book recommendation, it’s a book called “Multipliers” by Liz Wiseman. Read it. Learn from it. Not everybody is entrusted with a Multiplier, but if you are, it’s a big responsibility. It basically allows to untap power to boost and raise awareness on whatever you find important.

It took me about 2 years, but I learned a lot once I unlocked my Multiplier. It gave me flashbacks to never taking things for granted, that every day is a blessing, and elevate people who are doing great work. If someone is taking you for granted, forget them, they don’t know what they are missing out on.

You are amazing, you are shooting for the moon. After a while, you might even shoot for further outer-space like Elon Musk!

When you are at a young age, you can get very upset at the world, suffer bullying, so on and so forth. Stay positive and work hard. You can do it. If you hate studying, turn it into a fun activity. I saw one of my favorite rapper show something wonderful on his instagram: he was driving his daughter home from school, and she was already doing her homework in the car. She couldn’t even wait to get home to finish her studies. She wanted to do it as soon as possible so she could go have fun with her family and friends.

I heard Senator Kamala Harris might run for president in 2020. I think she should! She’s awesome. She always works very hard to make a difference for minorities who have to work twice or three times as hard to get ahead.

Lately on my reading list, I have some old Nafeez Ahmed books that I need to read.

Manchester United is going to play PSG in the Champions League, I’m so torn!

Some awesome new videogames coming out soon. There’s the Grand Tour racing game and Ace Combat 7. Finally! Fighter Jets who can dogfights in a safe virtual environment.

Oh yeah. End the Govt Shutdown. Or, expedite the 2016 Elections investigation, and start impeachment hearings. We can’t wait 6 months.

Best of luck to the One Voice Movement, who is working hard on the Deal of the Century (Two State Solution). I hope 2019 is our year.

Until Next Time!


  • VW wants I.D. R racer to set the Nurburgring EV lap [autoblog]

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  • Universal income vs. the robots: Meet the presidential candidate fighting automation [MIT Tech Review]

  • F-35’s Final Milestone Before Full-Rate Production [Air Force Mag]

I have uploaded a few new JETLAG RADIO episodes, BENKYO RADIO is up to 22, and LAMBDA RADIO & QUANTUM RADIO are both at episode 2.

It’s the holidays! In previous holiday seasons, I used to empathize so much with folks working retail. If you know a little about it, I worked retail for 7 years before becoming an Analyst 5-7 years ago. Nowadays, I want you to remember this, while people working retail are frustrated (I have an epic story about a woman who threw a book at me, and she was with her child), here is what I want you to remember: Military, Firefighters, Policemen, and countless other fields have workers who have it up the wazoo during the holidays. They’re trying to hold down the peace, and trust me, that can be very hard. Therefore, when a firefighter shows you a video that may look cheesy, it might save your life. Look up what they say to make sure your Christmas tree does not catch on fire. When a policeman looks at the camera and says “wear a seatbelt, happy holidays!” what he/she means to say is WEAR YOUR DAMN SEATBELT every time. No excuse. Do it to save your life. Don’t be stupid. Please, I am literally begging you, because I’ve seen the statistics, and every year, CHP cries. Every year, they are looking for ways to prevent accidents. Stop goofing with your damn cell phone when you are driving. Once you get in the car, set up your bluetooth, and that’s it. Especially you teenagers who are just starting to drive. YOLO YOLO YOLO? Yes, indeed, YOLO = You Only Live Once. There’s no do-over. So, wear your damn seatbelt. Don’t drink and drive. You can always select a designated driver, an Uber, a Lyft, a Cab, take the bus, or train. Just please, be careful. Christmas is a time to be merry, so, eyes on the road. Thank you.

I am currently listening to the new Paul van Dyk album, I’ve been waiting for years for this, I very much enjoyed his Politics of Dancing series, and the rest of his whole collection, which is the reason why I selected as one of my Top 5 DJs for the past DJ MAG competition. I really hope Eric Prydz resumes his radio show in 2019 because I miss his music/style.

I’m reading Tao of Seneca series (there are 3) lately. They are pretty good. I also gathered a super reading list for International Studies books. Looking forward to reading them in 2019.

Until Next Time!


  • Fourth National Climate Assessment: Volume II: Impacts, Risks, and Adaptation in the United States []

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JETLAG RADIO 087-091 have been uploaded. I have also added a few more BENKYO RADIOs, now up to episode 017. I have also started LAMBDA RADIO & QUANTUM RADIO. These two are even more special, and work in conjunction.

Lately I’m enjoying the PBS series on The Great American Read, reading books that I’ve listed on my Bookclub tab & goodreads account, and playing the new Spider-Man game. The album I’m looking forward to listening to right now is is the new Jean-Michel Jarre: Equinoxe Infinity.

I am currently in training on AI & Blockchain via a Startup.

More and more reports about Climate Change. It can no longer be denied. After January 2019, Congress must no longer stay mute, it is time to pass laws to take Climate Change seriously. It is time that “An Inconvenient Sequel” from Al Gore becomes required viewing. Everyone in Congress must watch it. The Supreme Court must watch it. The Administration must watch it. Students around the country must watch it. You simply cannot take the “let’s let the next administration take care of it” approach when it comes to our dear planet Earth. We must do something. The People have spoken. Everybody is on board, except the Administration. It is time for the Administration to comply. Don’t think that everybody is going to forget this new Climate report simply because it’s Thanksgiving / Black Friday. How many times do we have to say it? Rising Sea Levels. It’s coming.

It’s Thanksgiving, so don’t forget to be grateful this year for good health, family, friends, and loved ones. Be careful with the weather, drive safe, and select a designated driver. Enjoy some good turkey (or the vegetarian equivalent), and be merry amongst the people around you. Holidays are meant to be spent together. Our time on this Earth is too precious to be wasted on quarrels. Don’t you forget that as we speak, there are many of us who are unable to celebrate Thanksgiving with their loved ones because of work. Therefore, be happy you have the opportunity to be with family. Even when you think about arguing over Thanksgiving dinner, think about the person who has to say “Happy Thanksgiving” over Skype/Facetime. Think about those folks. Thanksgiving is my one of my favorite holidays. I will be thinking about those folks during the festivities.

Big rivalry game for The Ohio State Buckeyes this weekend as we play TTUN. Go Bucks!

Until Next Time!


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  • ‘Starman’ and the Tesla Roadster that SpaceX launched into orbit have now cruised beyond Mars [NBC News]

I want to thank everybody who got off their couch and actually voted during the Midterm Elections. You saw it yourself, voting does matter. Rep John Lewis went through so much throughout his life, and for some reason, some folks still didn’t get the message. That is why he created his “March” Trilogy comic book series. So that people from all walks of life could get together and read this story of the Civil Rights movement. Never take your right to vote for granted. It really is incredibly precious. Don’t forget that many of us are in tears, because we are immigrants, and the countries we are from are ravaged by dictatorships, inequalities, intimidation, so on and so forth. We live in a democracy and we should remember that voting is a hard-fought right, not a given. It must be continually reaffirmed and practiced, or the democracy we have will cease to exist. No matter who you voted for, if you don’t think your right to vote is important, I dare you to look a soldier in the eyes and tell him/her “voting doesn’t matter.” It is how we exercise our collective voice. We were upset with 2016, so we made our voices heard in 2018. We will do so again in 2020, and hopefully sooner, now that we won back the House. On Election Day, I went hiking. It happened by luck, but I am kind of glad it did because it reminded me that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the aftermath of the 2016 election, decided to go hiking. So that was my shout out to her. Reflecting back, it still seems unfair that an overqualified woman lost to a misogynist who was utterly unqualified to hold office of the Presidency. Let’s be honest, she lost because she was a woman. If she was a man, there wouldn’t be such a (but her emails!!!) issue. That’s why I’m so glad that so many women won in the Midterm Elections. Some of you may disagree, but I am ready for the VP to take over, and take us back to some semblance of reality. Our train of thoughts definitely differ, but at least, he reads his morning briefings. Because someone needs to start taking Climate Change seriously. 2030 may not be next year but it is right around the corner.

Now that the election cycle is over for a little while, I can focus on some other important topics: AI, Music, and International Studies. There are some really great resources out there for those of you who are interested in learning more about current events. Some of my favorites are The Economist (my favorite magazine of all time), Foreign Policy, and Foreign Affairs. I also just signed up for The Cipher Brief and there’s also The Diplomat, for all things Asia-Pacific. Last but not least, Le Monde diplomatique.

If you’re a college student, check out OneVoice, a global initiative that supports activists in Israel and Palestine. You’d be surprised, but you can actually make a difference. You can even change the world. Hopefully we can work on the deal of the century without having to wait until 2020.

Looking forward to read an old biography from Ochocinco (former player of the Cincinnati Bengals, and now somehow someway one of the greatest FIFA19 player on the entire planet). I also want to read “Ceux de 14,” a book on WWI. Looking for some new books on Zen as always.

By the way, a big thank you to Armin van Buuren, I just listened to EP888, wow, wow, wow. Actually, even one more wow. He’s really talented! I wonder if he’s put his ADE 2018 DJ mix on YouTube yet, I think he did, I need to check it out.

Until Next Time!

JETLAG (083-085) | BENKYO (010-011) | RADIO

  • Oak Meditation [Oak]

  • New IPCC report on Climate Change [IPCC]

  • Weather 2050 [Vox] please take the time to read this one, thanks in advance.

  • The US pushes to build unhackable quantum networks [MIT Tech Review]

  • NASA Launches a New Podcast to Mars [NASA]

  • Incredible photos of Tesla’s next-gen Roadster surface online [BGR]

  • Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4 Review [IGN]

  • is issuing an open call to organizations around the world to submit their ideas for how they could use AI to help address societal challenges. []

  • Apple Special Event: 10.30.18 including new iPad Pro, MBA, and Mac mini [Apple]

  • Microsoft has no problem taking the $10B JEDI cloud contract if it wins [TC]

  • The Grand Tour: The 1983 Rally Rivalry [Grand Tour]

  • Whom should self-driving cars protect in an accident? [The Economist]

  • The Future of Health Care [HBR]

  • Google Home will play music and sound effects when you read Disney storybooks [Verge]

  • IBM is betting the farm on Red Hat, and it better not mess up [TC]

  • Dr. Nafeez Ahmed has written about the “Resurgence of Far Right Power” since June 2016 [medium] I suggest you read it, and give yourself even more reasons to vote because this is not a joke.

  • Champions League: How teams can qualify for the knockout rounds [ESPN]

  • 9th Gen Intel Core i9-9900K sets overclocking records [Intel]

  • Station F, un an après [Station F]

  • F-117 Nighthawk [Lockheed Martin]

JETLAG RADIO 083, 084, and 085 have been uploaded. Same goes for BENKYO RADIO 010 and 011.

I decided to stop quoting Tao Te Ching for the time being, I did not want to sound too preachy. It’s my favorite book, just go and get it and read it for yourself!

Hope everyone is excited for the Midterm Elections 2018! It’s been a long time coming. 2 long years, and now we can make a difference. I’ve already early voted, and so as those around me, but as you know that is not enough! You have to get all your family and friends to vote. Whatever your reasoning is. Maybe it’s Climate Change, maybe it’s Healthcare. Maybe it’s for free tuition and/or Education. Maybe it’s for Women’s Rights, or Black Lives Matters. There’s LGBTQ+ and Good God, we need to address gun violence in America, I mean, have you seen the cover of the new New York magazine? Maybe it’s for countless other reasons. I mean I also care deeply about Foreign Affairs. Look, remember what I said in an earlier blog post (I think it was around Playlist 046). I said “if you don’t vote, you cannot complain.” So, there’s your chance. Make sure you vote. Make your vote count. Because then, whatever the outcome, you have voted! We know the culprit, those who don’t vote. That’s how we lose elections, when people do not get off the couch and don’t show up to the polls. Also, don’t just vote for a Congressman/Congresswoman, Senator, and Governor. There are a bunch of other people on the ballot, and propositions. If you don’t know how to proceed, do some research online, there are plenty of places that talk about the issues. Look for places such as FiveThirtyEight,, New York Times or Washington Post, and even your local newspaper.

For November I am reading two books that will mean the world to me. One is by Scott Harrison about his NGO charity: water, and the other by John Kerry called “Every Day is Extra.” I’m not going to go into details because it’s very personal to me, but that is the reason why I wear the charity: water wristband for the past couple of years and my BMW M watch for almost 9 years.

Congratulations to all the DJs in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll! It looks like everybody had fun at Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 as well. Looking forward to a bunch of new music coming out in 2019. Looks like Swedish House Mafia announced some new dates, that means new music! Whoohoo!

Looking forward to Daredevil Season 3. Also reading some Batman comic book. I heard Madam Secretary is already on Season 5, it’s definitely a great series, but I have a lot of catching up to do.

I want to give a big shoutout to everybody who is out there campaigning and canvassing, it really means a lot. Please remember, it’s great, but all that hard work won’t count until we physically go into the polls. You have already voted? Great, get your friends and family and others to vote as well. Don’t underestimate this. Your right to vote is quite possibly your most important right as a citizen of our great country: The United States of America.

Until Next Time!

JETLAG RADIO 082 | BENKYO/BENKYOU! RADIO 007-008-009 | 10-02-18

  • Astronomers Find First Evidence of Possible Moon Outside Our Solar System [NASA]

  • Global leaders must make bold commitments at first-ever UN tuberculosis summit [MSF]

  • 663 million people in the world live without clean water [charity:water]

  • The Water Crisis []

  • Cape Town’s water crisis shows the reality for cities on the front line of climate change [EIU Perspectives]

  • The World is ‘Nowhere Near On Track’ to Hit Global Warming Goal, UN Reports Warn [Fortune]

  • See the Climatorium, Denmark’s big bet on tackling climate change [Fast Company]

  • Among many climate scientists, gloom has set in. Things are worse than we think, but they can’t really talk about it. [Esquire]

  • UN recruits Mike Bloomberg to lead green finance push [Climate Home News]

  • Reinventing liberalism for the 21st Century [The Economist]

  • The Business Case for Curiosity [HBR]

  • President Obama Sits Down with 11 Emerging Leaders from Across Europe [Obama Foundation]

  • US takes first step toward a quantum computing workforce [MIT Tech Review]

  • Intel, White House talk Quantum Computing [Intel Newsroom]

  • Logic Pro X and MainStage 3 get updated with tons of new tweaks [Cult of Mac]

  • Microsoft announces Xbox One keyboard and mouse support with Razer partnership [The Verge]

  • Apple iPhone Xs Review: A (S)mall Step Up! [MKBHD]

  • iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS: Apple Event Highlights! [Sam Sheffer]

  • 50 Years of the Department of Dance [OSU Libraries]

  • Auto #23 [FIA]

  • Auto+ Medical #14 [FIA]

  • Auto+ Women in Motorsport #15 [FIA]

  • Google Pixel 3 XL event is October 9th

JL Radio 082 has been uploaded, JL Radio 083 is unfortunately not ready. I’m at over 300 tracks/songs, still waiting on a few albums and soundtracks to come out, then I have to put them in the order I want. With Benkyo Radio 007, 008, and 009, here are 3 more partial passages/comments from the Tao Te Ching book I own.

Verse 7 - Modesty: The wise are heard through their silence, always self-full through selflessness

Verse 8 - The Highest Good: The goodness that is expressed in this verse which implies that while both goodness and badness coexist, that it is goodness that flows effortlessly like water, because it is goodness that is more at the core of nature, including human nature.

Verse 9 - Overfulfillment: Celebrate the Great Integrity as the pathway to actualization in which our self and social components will be mutually supportive and no longer in conflict with each other!

Logic has a new album! It was really good! Dude convinced the entire Wu-Tang Clan to get together on a track!!! Eminem’s album is pretty awesome too, not too excited about its title though, a bit dangerous. It also appears that Lil Wayne’s album finally came out as well. There’s a new Dillon Francis LP, and David Guetta has a new album as well. OVOSOUND Radio has some new episodes, be sure to check them out, and now The Weeknd has a new Beats 1 radio show, it’s really good so far. I really want Eric Prydz to come back with Season 3 of his Radio Show, I hope we don’t have to wait another couple of months.

Spider-Man just came out on PS4, I hear it’s pretty good. Also there’s a new Forza for Xbox One. I’m trying to keep up with all the new updates on Gran Turismo, there is a new patch with even more cars. There’s a new Assassin’s Creed, and Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is upon us.

Can I just say a big thank you to Michelle Obama’s recent speech. I had “political fatigue” the other day, and wanted to throw a bunch of papers in the air. But, she explains how important things are, how we always end up in this ruckus. We don’t pay attention to the news, then close to the elections, we kind of do, but when it comes out to get off the couch and vote, rarely we do. A lot of amazing candidates won in the primaries, but they still need your vote coming this November. Once we take back the House, we can work on some important policies, both foreign and domestic, and complete the important investigation on Elections 2016, but if we don’t win the Midterms 2018, it will be out of the door, because we will simply won’t have the votes.

The UN gathered last week. Many made their case. It is time to listen. Do not overlook all of the atrocities all over the world. We need to do better. We can do better.

I finished reading FMA in manga format. It’s amazing, and I think everybody should read it.

I think they turned Bleach into a movie on Netflix, looking forward to it!

Have fun at Amsterdam Dance Event 2018, looks like I will probably miss it, unfortunately. Looking forward all the new music that come out though.

Please vote in the Midterms 2018. Don’t take your right to vote for granted. It’s time to wake up. If you have any concerns about the gravity of the situation, I suggest you watch some of the latest documentaries on Frontline PBS.

Speaking of PBS, thank you so much for “The Great American Read” TV series. I’ve only seen the first episode of this document series, but it’s really great so far. I voted for Catch-22, but I hope Harry Potter wins.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Climate Change is real. there is a big new IPCC report coming out in a few days. Read the damn report, no more messing around. It’s time to show we mean business. We must collectively work on this, or else, the entire planet is jeopardy. Please re-read what I just said, the planet is in jeopardy due to Climate Change. Do you have questions? Ask Ségolène Royal. Ask Al Gore. Ask Michael Bloomberg. These 3 folks know what’s up. For the love of all that is holy, please listen to them. Thank you.

Back to the Midterms 2018, remember, mobilizing is good, but if you want to follow through, you gotta vote.

Until Next Time!

JETLAG RADIO 079-080-081 | BENKYO/BENKYOU! RADIO 005-006 | 08-31-18

  • The Surprising Way Malcolm Gladwell Stays Calm Under Pressure [Thrive Global]
  • California advances an ambitious climate policy that should be a model for the world [MIT TR]
  • Volkswagen Donates 2019 Arteon to Charity During Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance [VW]
  • Rewriting the rules of the book club [The Economist]
  • NASA 60th: The Leading Edge of Flight [NASA]
  • BMW M8 Gran Coupe Concept [BMW USA]
  • Grassroots leaders provide the best hope to a troubled world [The Economist]
  • Even Israeli Officials are Warning that Trump's Moves Against Palestinians May Backfire [The Intercept]
  • Update from Palestine (8-27-18) [OneVoice]
  • Update from Israel (8-27-18) [OneVoice]
  • Tokyo's Long Lines Lead to Magic (and Life-Changing Ramen) [AFAR]
  • World is finally waking up to climate change, says 'hothouse Earth' author [The Guardian]
  • How to Motivate Frontline Employees [HBR]
  • The Democrats' Near-Total Silence on the National Prison Strike Speaks Volumes [Splinter]
  • Toyota Joins Uber on its Tortuous Journey to Self-Driving Cars [WIRED]
  • 4 Strategies for Overcoming Distraction [HBR]
  • Let's help refugees thrive, not just survive [TED]
  • Why We Procrastinate When We Have Long Deadlines [HBR]
  • Google Assistant can now understand two languages at once [The Verge]
  • Puerto Rico is asking for statehood. Congress should listen. [Vox]
  • Jaguar Partners With Pop Star Dua Lipa [Motor1]
  • Why is there a double-standard in Washington D.C. over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez? [Vox]
  • The conventional wisdom is that morning people are high achievers, go-getters, while late risers are lazy. But what if going to bed in the wee hours is actually an advantage? [NY Times
  • Apple's next iPhone event will be on September 12th [The Verge]
  • We've created a library of open educational resources so that anyone can start learning, building, and problem-solving with AI [Google AI]
  • Quantum Computing Innovator [Intel Newsroom]
  • Ariana Grande Sings Emotional 'Natural Woman' at Aretha Franklin's Funeral [Billboard]
  • 10 Hidden Techno Gems Released Between 1998-2008 [DJ Mag]
  • Paul Oakenfold will be the First DJ ever to Play at Stonehenge [Mixmag]
  • How to Succeed with a Startup [Y Combinator]
  • This Week at State: August 31, 2018 [@StateDept]
  • Climate Change and wildfires [Climate Reality]
  • Chapman Promoted, Celebrated at Memorial Ceremony [Air Force Mag]
  • The Great American Read [PBS]
  • Helicopter Delivers Air Show Tickets to Rancho Cordova Students [Fox40]
  • How to Start [@GaryVee]
  • Customers will be able to sign up for Beatport's new integrated subscription and locker service as soon as it's available [@Beatport]
  • Prince William's New Mental Health Campaign Will Spread Awareness In the Workplace In The Most Important Way [Bustle]
  • NBA 2K19 [2K Sports]
  • GT Sport | August Update 1.25 | PS4 [Playstation]
  • The Story of Viper's Return to the Green Hell [YouTube]
  • Every struggle is an opportunity - Entretien publié par Porter Magazine [Porter Mag]
  • Many Afghans are ready for an end to conflict. Is the region? [The Economist]

JETLAG RADIO 079, 080, and 081 have been uploaded. In addition, I have also included BENKYO RADIO 005 & 006. Here are some commentaries from Verse 5 & 6 from Tao Te Ching.

Yin and yang, like heaven and earth, is a metaphor for all that exists.
— The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu Page 172
The spirit of life is infinite, mysterious, inexhaustible and both passive (yin) and active (yang).
— The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu Page 173

Currently still reading that huge 1000-page book on Martin Luther King Jr. (Part I of III). I also finished a book on Quantum Gravity by Carlo Rovelli, I hope to see more books on the subject. Almost done reading Fullmetal Alchemist in manga format, only have 2 more volumes to go.

I really enjoyed Daredevil and looking forward to Season 3. I am still watching Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.S and right now I just started watching Season 1 of Jack Ryan.

Listening to the new Afrojack album (I love it) and Justice's new re-release deluxe album. I just realized that Disclosure released a bunch of new singles, and that a new album is on the way. We still a long way until Swedish House Mafia's new album, but I'm glad the band is back together and can't wait for them to release an LP, hopefully before 2019. Here are my Top 5 votes for DJ Mag Top 100: 1. Jean-Michel Jarre, 2. Daft Punk, 3. Paul van Dyk, 4. Afrojack, and 5. Alison Wonderland. They are all extremely talented and you should all check out their discography. In any case, there are a lot of DJs who are amazing, and are never getting enough recognition. Really looking forward to Beatport's streaming service next year to share with you even more artists. Don't forget to check out their radio shows, DJs like Armin van Buuren, Ferry Corsten, and Tiesto are world-class. Listening to their radio shows always motivate me to work hard, during my good days, and my bad days. I really really want to meet everybody at ADE in Amsterdam one of these days. I hope to make the trip someday.

If you are unfamiliar with the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan in 1979, I suggest you read Charlie Wilson's War or watch the movie. It is a country ravaged by war for a very long time. I really hope the different parties reach towards peace, but we must be in agreement that the future must include access to education for all (especially women and children), more jobs, and crack down on the rampant corruption which is at the root of the problems during the beginning of the 17-year war. Let us be clear, ISIS simply exploits religion. It has nothing to do with Islam. Everyone who has read scripture (whether it's Bible, Torah, Koran, etc, take your pick) understands that you cannot harm innocents. They are simply trying to further their agenda. Here is what you must realize, there are forces who believe in a future for Afghanistan, and it must take place. I implore folks who are scared of Muslims to watch a show like Little Mosque on the Prairie to realize we are not all so different after all. Stop fighting, and think of the children. And quite frankly, with Climate Change bringing the Earth to extremely dangerous scenarios by even before 2030s, we have a lot of freaking work to do, get together, and save our planet. I am not joking. The Earth is in grave danger, and we need to act fast. Al Gore has warned everyone for more than 40 years. Please listen to this guy. Nicholas Hulot was so upset that he quit his post. This is not good. We must tackle Big Oil. Let's get this done, for our sake, and for the next generation. I really don't want to wait until 2020 for a new administration to tackle this issue. We cannot wait. We must deal with carbon emissions.

I am still writing my rough draft article that I hope to release prior to the Midterms 2018 elections. We must all do our part to raise awareness. Let's take back the House. Please get involved in whatever way you can. Please refer to Senator Sanders' Our Revolution.

To every student going back to school this September, good luck! Study hard! You can do it.

Until Next Time!

JETLAG RADIO 076-077-078 | BENKYO/BENKYOU! RADIO 003-004 | 08-02-18

  • NASA's TESS Spacecraft Starts Science Operations [NASA]
  • Watch Drake Take the "In My Feelings" challenge to New Orleans In New Video [NPR]
  • 12 Safety Tips for Your Next Road Trip [Parents]
  • Walkenhorst-BMW secures memorable win at 70th edition Total 24 Hours of Spa [24Hrs of Spa]
  • Volkswagen I.D. R Sets Goodwood EV Record [autoblog]
  • How Apple Overcame Fits and Flops to Grow Into a Trillion-Dollar Company [Bloomberg]
  • Gran Turismo Sport July Update: New Cars, League Events, More [playstation]
  • Losing Earth: The Decade We Almost Stopped Climate Change [New York Times Magazine]
  • The world is losing the war on Climate Change [The Economist]
  • Climate Change and the Giant Iceberg off Greenland's shore [New Yorker]
  • How LeBron James' new public school really is the first of its kind [SB Nation]
  • MSF opens a surgical field hospital in Mocha to treat war-wounded patients [MSF]
  • How Ahed Tamimi Became the Symbol of Palestinian Resistance to Israeli Oppression [The Intercept]
  • When Technology Gets Ahead of Society [HBR]
  • Texas Smashes 1925 Heat Record as Power Prices Surge on Demand [Bloomberg]
  • Apple Watch, FitBit could feel cost of U.S. tariffs [Reuters]
  • Machine Learning in Google BigQuery [Google AI]
  • When medication is essential to mental health [Outline]
  • Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Twitter partner for ambitious new data project [Verge]
  • Researchers use Google Glass to help kids with autism [engadget]
  • Saudi Arabia planned to invade Qatar last summer. Rex Tillerson's efforts to stop it may have cost him his job. [The Intercept]
  • Road Safety Takes Center Stage at the FIA Region I Summer Cocktail [FIA]
  • Tesla briefly offered $1,500 surfboard [Verge]
  • A Century of Air Force Magazine [AirForceMag]
  • Joe and Jill Biden Are Committed to Supporting Veterans' Mental and Physical Health [NowThis]
  • Hillary Clinton teams up with Steven Spielberg to bring female voting rights story to television [CNBC]
  • Barack Obama just issued his first 2018 endorsements [Vox]
  • Our Revolution endorsed candidates [Our Revolution]
  • Matt Damon: A million people die 'completely needlessly' from a lack of clean water [CNBC]
  • The 2019 Nissan Leaf Nismo is Happening [Jalopnik]

If you support my work, don't forget to support me on Patreon. Even $1 helps.

JETLAG RADIO 076-077-078 have been uploaded. With BENKYO/BENKYOU 003-004 episode, here comes a commentary quote from Verse 3 and Verse 4 from The Tao Te Ching from my copy which I got at B&N.

When our physical, emotional and spiritual needs are unfufilled, we develop desperate cravings because we are starved
— The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu Page 170
As the creator of all mythologies and realities, the Great Integrity (Tao) is the paradox that transcends all states of being.
— The Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu Page 171

I just finished "Genius" season 1 on Einstein. Wow, what a fascinating story. It makes me want to read Walter Isaacson's biography even more. I look forward to season 2 with Picasso.

FMP4! was great, but I hope we don't have to wait a few more years until the next season. I want to thank the creators, because fans have been waiting for the new series for many years now.

I really like what Marvel is doing with Netflix, I understand they're inundating us with "too many shows," but here is the good part: they are addressing very important topics on multiple fronts. There is a story for all of us. Each superhero has his or her own background that helps you on whatever topic is dear to your heart.

Given that it is Ibiza season, all of our favorite DJs are unleashing a bunch of new music. Look for it on your favorite streaming portals. I am especially waiting for ASOT IBIZA 2018.

France won the World Cup! It was amazing. It brought back memories of '98, when we first won in, I was just a teenager in High School, and so excited. It is crazy how much time flies. Nobody wants to say it, but it's definitely a nice revenge from 2006 WC in Germany. I can't believe I'm missing celebrating a WC win in France for the 2nd time in a row.

LeBron James moved to Los Angeles! Argh. I can't root for the Lakers, that's my brother's team. I mean LeBron is still my favorite player, but, how to best explain would be if my favorite player went from Manchester United to Arsenal. I will still root for Cleveland because I spent a decade in Ohio, plus Kevin Love is still there. I guess it's Sacramento Kings all the way. Let's make great things happen before we hopefully get the All-Star NBA Game here in Sac. Speaking of Football/Soccer, let's do everything we can to turn Sacramento Republic FC into MLS in the future.

I just finished reading every Malcolm Gladwell books. I noticed that a few months ago that cutting down on a cup of coffee or a night of a few beers with my buddies, I saved $80 and signed up for a year of Masterclass. There is an abundance of classes that they are teaching. Whether you are interested in getting back into writing (like I am, because let's face it, if you haven't written term papers in a few years, your fancy skills are gone), music (there are classes from Armin van Buuren & deadmau5, and even one from Hans Zimmer, I mean, who wouldn't want to learn how to do a superb movie score). The only class that is going to upset me will be the Basketball one, it's taught by Stephen Curry. Consider the outrage over a Cincinnati Bengals fan seeing Pittsburgh Steelers on the cover of Madden 19.

Playing around with Logic Pro X but it will take a lot of practice to make a track.

I saw a few great French movies recently including:

  • Blind Date
  • The Climb
  • I am not an Easy Man

I believe I need to release one more BENKYO/BENKYOU before the next JETLAG RADIO. The next JL will be tough because there are so many summer bangers from Ibiza/Tomorrowland season.

To raise awareness for Midterms 2018 season, I am currently reading Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton. I've already read Senator Sanders and Senator Warren's books. If you're curious about what I'm going to read in September/October, I can tell you right now it's Keith Olbermann and Madeleine Albright. Do you know how Obama won in 2008? It's because Students went door to door, making phone calls, talking to people, raising awareness about voting. I was part of that bunch of crowd in College. The evening when they announced Obama won the presidency was one of my most memorable life experiences. Flashback to 4 years prior, I will never forget this, in 2004, a woman came knocking on my door of my off-campus college apartment, in the rain (I'm not making this up), and ask if we voted. I was not yet a citizen at the time, so unfortunately I told her I can't vote. If you remember, that is the election that John Kerry lost, because of a couple of hundreds of votes. Do you see how important voting is? Yes, the system is flawed, yes, the gerrymandering is ridiculous (FiveThirtyEight has so much coverage on this), but regardless, we have to vote. You need to vote overwhelmingly to beat the competition.

I started the Taylor Branch trilogy on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. This is because we have to read about history. Let's be frank, we didn't have 8 years of change just to let it be dismantled in 2 years. Hence, I don't know how else to say it but "get your reading on," and make sure you vote during the Midterms 2018. It's also summer reading time, so don't forget to get the youngsters to read books as well. Heck, I am even reading the Harry Potter series. I was a bookseller during the Midnight releases of the books back in College, and I remember how much joy people would have in their eyes whenever I would hand them a copy of a new Harry Potter book. The magic of reading!

For those who haven't read the Panama Papers yet, please read it alongside as I am. There is some really f-up content in there. These corrupted individuals have money hidden not just in places like Swiss bank accounts, but all over the world. Meanwhile the rest of world live like peasants while they run around with millions of dollars. The investigation (of the Panama Papers) is over, but Good Lord, read the book, the story is an important lesson in history which we have to learn from.

I just read that the Supreme Court decided the kids can sue Trump over Climate Change. Gotta keep that pressure until the United States is fully committed to the Paris Agreement. Have you seen these forest fires in California? Climate Change is real, damnit. Firefighters are getting no rest, they are upset, and need our help.

The new Mission Impossible movie was superb! Make sure you watch it.

Drake, I heard the new album, it was really great.

I went to see Manchester United at Levi Stadium, it was a dream come true!

Until Next Time!