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JETLAG RADIO 083, 084, and 085 have been uploaded. Same goes for BENKYO RADIO 010 and 011.

I decided to stop quoting Tao Te Ching for the time being, I did not want to sound too preachy. It’s my favorite book, just go and get it and read it for yourself!

Hope everyone is excited for the Midterm Elections 2018! It’s been a long time coming. 2 long years, and now we can make a difference. I’ve already early voted, and so as those around me, but as you know that is not enough! You have to get all your family and friends to vote. Whatever your reasoning is. Maybe it’s Climate Change, maybe it’s Healthcare. Maybe it’s for free tuition and/or Education. Maybe it’s for Women’s Rights, or Black Lives Matters. There’s LGBTQ+ and Good God, we need to address gun violence in America, I mean, have you seen the cover of the new New York magazine? Maybe it’s for countless other reasons. I mean I also care deeply about Foreign Affairs. Look, remember what I said in an earlier blog post (I think it was around Playlist 046). I said “if you don’t vote, you cannot complain.” So, there’s your chance. Make sure you vote. Make your vote count. Because then, whatever the outcome, you have voted! We know the culprit, those who don’t vote. That’s how we lose elections, when people do not get off the couch and don’t show up to the polls. Also, don’t just vote for a Congressman/Congresswoman, Senator, and Governor. There are a bunch of other people on the ballot, and propositions. If you don’t know how to proceed, do some research online, there are plenty of places that talk about the issues. Look for places such as FiveThirtyEight,, New York Times or Washington Post, and even your local newspaper.

For November I am reading two books that will mean the world to me. One is by Scott Harrison about his NGO charity: water, and the other by John Kerry called “Every Day is Extra.” I’m not going to go into details because it’s very personal to me, but that is the reason why I wear the charity: water wristband for the past couple of years and my BMW M watch for almost 9 years.

Congratulations to all the DJs in the DJ Mag Top 100 DJs poll! It looks like everybody had fun at Amsterdam Dance Event 2018 as well. Looking forward to a bunch of new music coming out in 2019. Looks like Swedish House Mafia announced some new dates, that means new music! Whoohoo!

Looking forward to Daredevil Season 3. Also reading some Batman comic book. I heard Madam Secretary is already on Season 5, it’s definitely a great series, but I have a lot of catching up to do.

I want to give a big shoutout to everybody who is out there campaigning and canvassing, it really means a lot. Please remember, it’s great, but all that hard work won’t count until we physically go into the polls. You have already voted? Great, get your friends and family and others to vote as well. Don’t underestimate this. Your right to vote is quite possibly your most important right as a citizen of our great country: The United States of America.

Until Next Time!