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I have uploaded a few new JETLAG RADIO episodes, BENKYO RADIO is up to 22, and LAMBDA RADIO & QUANTUM RADIO are both at episode 2.

It’s the holidays! In previous holiday seasons, I used to empathize so much with folks working retail. If you know a little about it, I worked retail for 7 years before becoming an Analyst 5-7 years ago. Nowadays, I want you to remember this, while people working retail are frustrated (I have an epic story about a woman who threw a book at me, and she was with her child), here is what I want you to remember: Military, Firefighters, Policemen, and countless other fields have workers who have it up the wazoo during the holidays. They’re trying to hold down the peace, and trust me, that can be very hard. Therefore, when a firefighter shows you a video that may look cheesy, it might save your life. Look up what they say to make sure your Christmas tree does not catch on fire. When a policeman looks at the camera and says “wear a seatbelt, happy holidays!” what he/she means to say is WEAR YOUR DAMN SEATBELT every time. No excuse. Do it to save your life. Don’t be stupid. Please, I am literally begging you, because I’ve seen the statistics, and every year, CHP cries. Every year, they are looking for ways to prevent accidents. Stop goofing with your damn cell phone when you are driving. Once you get in the car, set up your bluetooth, and that’s it. Especially you teenagers who are just starting to drive. YOLO YOLO YOLO? Yes, indeed, YOLO = You Only Live Once. There’s no do-over. So, wear your damn seatbelt. Don’t drink and drive. You can always select a designated driver, an Uber, a Lyft, a Cab, take the bus, or train. Just please, be careful. Christmas is a time to be merry, so, eyes on the road. Thank you.

I am currently listening to the new Paul van Dyk album, I’ve been waiting for years for this, I very much enjoyed his Politics of Dancing series, and the rest of his whole collection, which is the reason why I selected as one of my Top 5 DJs for the past DJ MAG competition. I really hope Eric Prydz resumes his radio show in 2019 because I miss his music/style.

I’m reading Tao of Seneca series (there are 3) lately. They are pretty good. I also gathered a super reading list for International Studies books. Looking forward to reading them in 2019.

Until Next Time!