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I’ve just added JETLAG RADIO episode 101, and BENKYO RADIO 038. I wanted to mention a few things: first of all, MSF really needs help in the DRC. I hope that the State Department addresses what they plan to do to help the situation over their next press conference. Second, we just had MLK Day, and there is a disconnect about what people are really facing. A minority has to work twice, or three times as hard to get noticed. That’s just the reality. Have you ever gone to the store? Have you seen a caucasian person come in with a tshirt and flip flops? Why can a white person wear a sweater and it’s no issues, but if a black person wears a sweater, all hell breaks loose? People need to come together. Stop being scared of one another. We are all in this together. All of us are inundated with TV shows, but honestly, we all need to watch COSMOS (can’t wait for season 2). Do you know why? Because it reminds us that our daily problems are minute compared to the vast universe. Life on Earth is precious, Do you know that every time the Sun “burps” (Solar Flare), it knocks down major systems on our planet? You need to appreciate every day on Earth. Stop the nonsense, and work together. I saw something amazing online today, everybody kept posting “ten years ago, and today” photos. I saw sometimes much better. It showed today and ten years from now. Yes, maybe Climate Change is ravaging our planet now, but let’s envision a 2029 where we’ve solved Climate Change. We’ve got the statistics. We got those folks who have worked decades to explain us with graphs that it is happening. Now we need solutions. Basically, it’s like this. Al Gore was right. He was right all along. Therefore, the era of him saying “I told you so” is over. Now we need solutions. I’m guilty of it too. I’ve raised awareness, but what have done personally? I’ve voted, yes that’s good, but there’s a next step, and a higher step, and an even higher step. The basic step was to talk about it. The next step was to attend a local meeting. The next step was to promote that institution. What is the next level? It can be as simple as planting a tree. So that’s what I plan on doing, I’m gonna plant a damn tree. Rising CO2 levels, y’all. We each as individuals need to reduce our carbon footprints. I kept ripping on Moby telling us that cows are causing all the Climate Change, but I guess he’s right, so we gotta eat less burgers. Whatever your set of skills are, bring it to the table, and help out. If you can draw, do some artwork. If you’re a musician, do some music. If you’re a writer, write books. If you write articles on Climate Change, thank you so much, they are vital to get out the message.

I’m still reading Nafeez Ahmed books. Wow, there are some bewildering revelations in there. In any case, it does remind me that it’s been 18 years since that tragic day, and that means people born around that day are now about to attend college! Wow. I ask the new Congress to pass a Bill which guarantees free college tuition to any student who lost a loved one on that tragic September day. While we’re on the topic, Jon Stewart is still waiting on you (Congress) to fully support 100% medical costs paid for first-responders who became sick that day.

Rolex 24 Hours is happening this weekend! Best of luck to all the drivers. May the best man win!

Music-wise, I think I will listen to the new Future album, I bet it’s NSFW, but hopefully not too NSFW.

Book-wise, well, 2019 just started, and I hope to read over 52 books this year yet again. Gotta work on my reading list.

Game-wise, gotta catch up on Gran Turismo. They’ve added the Integra Type R!!!

Until Next Time!