JETLAG RADIO 082 | BENKYO/BENKYOU! RADIO 007-008-009 | 10-02-18

  • Astronomers Find First Evidence of Possible Moon Outside Our Solar System [NASA]

  • Global leaders must make bold commitments at first-ever UN tuberculosis summit [MSF]

  • 663 million people in the world live without clean water [charity:water]

  • The Water Crisis []

  • Cape Town’s water crisis shows the reality for cities on the front line of climate change [EIU Perspectives]

  • The World is ‘Nowhere Near On Track’ to Hit Global Warming Goal, UN Reports Warn [Fortune]

  • See the Climatorium, Denmark’s big bet on tackling climate change [Fast Company]

  • Among many climate scientists, gloom has set in. Things are worse than we think, but they can’t really talk about it. [Esquire]

  • UN recruits Mike Bloomberg to lead green finance push [Climate Home News]

  • Reinventing liberalism for the 21st Century [The Economist]

  • The Business Case for Curiosity [HBR]

  • President Obama Sits Down with 11 Emerging Leaders from Across Europe [Obama Foundation]

  • US takes first step toward a quantum computing workforce [MIT Tech Review]

  • Intel, White House talk Quantum Computing [Intel Newsroom]

  • Logic Pro X and MainStage 3 get updated with tons of new tweaks [Cult of Mac]

  • Microsoft announces Xbox One keyboard and mouse support with Razer partnership [The Verge]

  • Apple iPhone Xs Review: A (S)mall Step Up! [MKBHD]

  • iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS: Apple Event Highlights! [Sam Sheffer]

  • 50 Years of the Department of Dance [OSU Libraries]

  • Auto #23 [FIA]

  • Auto+ Medical #14 [FIA]

  • Auto+ Women in Motorsport #15 [FIA]

  • Google Pixel 3 XL event is October 9th

JL Radio 082 has been uploaded, JL Radio 083 is unfortunately not ready. I’m at over 300 tracks/songs, still waiting on a few albums and soundtracks to come out, then I have to put them in the order I want. With Benkyo Radio 007, 008, and 009, here are 3 more partial passages/comments from the Tao Te Ching book I own.

Verse 7 - Modesty: The wise are heard through their silence, always self-full through selflessness

Verse 8 - The Highest Good: The goodness that is expressed in this verse which implies that while both goodness and badness coexist, that it is goodness that flows effortlessly like water, because it is goodness that is more at the core of nature, including human nature.

Verse 9 - Overfulfillment: Celebrate the Great Integrity as the pathway to actualization in which our self and social components will be mutually supportive and no longer in conflict with each other!

Logic has a new album! It was really good! Dude convinced the entire Wu-Tang Clan to get together on a track!!! Eminem’s album is pretty awesome too, not too excited about its title though, a bit dangerous. It also appears that Lil Wayne’s album finally came out as well. There’s a new Dillon Francis LP, and David Guetta has a new album as well. OVOSOUND Radio has some new episodes, be sure to check them out, and now The Weeknd has a new Beats 1 radio show, it’s really good so far. I really want Eric Prydz to come back with Season 3 of his Radio Show, I hope we don’t have to wait another couple of months.

Spider-Man just came out on PS4, I hear it’s pretty good. Also there’s a new Forza for Xbox One. I’m trying to keep up with all the new updates on Gran Turismo, there is a new patch with even more cars. There’s a new Assassin’s Creed, and Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is upon us.

Can I just say a big thank you to Michelle Obama’s recent speech. I had “political fatigue” the other day, and wanted to throw a bunch of papers in the air. But, she explains how important things are, how we always end up in this ruckus. We don’t pay attention to the news, then close to the elections, we kind of do, but when it comes out to get off the couch and vote, rarely we do. A lot of amazing candidates won in the primaries, but they still need your vote coming this November. Once we take back the House, we can work on some important policies, both foreign and domestic, and complete the important investigation on Elections 2016, but if we don’t win the Midterms 2018, it will be out of the door, because we will simply won’t have the votes.

The UN gathered last week. Many made their case. It is time to listen. Do not overlook all of the atrocities all over the world. We need to do better. We can do better.

I finished reading FMA in manga format. It’s amazing, and I think everybody should read it.

I think they turned Bleach into a movie on Netflix, looking forward to it!

Have fun at Amsterdam Dance Event 2018, looks like I will probably miss it, unfortunately. Looking forward all the new music that come out though.

Please vote in the Midterms 2018. Don’t take your right to vote for granted. It’s time to wake up. If you have any concerns about the gravity of the situation, I suggest you watch some of the latest documentaries on Frontline PBS.

Speaking of PBS, thank you so much for “The Great American Read” TV series. I’ve only seen the first episode of this document series, but it’s really great so far. I voted for Catch-22, but I hope Harry Potter wins.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Climate Change is real. there is a big new IPCC report coming out in a few days. Read the damn report, no more messing around. It’s time to show we mean business. We must collectively work on this, or else, the entire planet is jeopardy. Please re-read what I just said, the planet is in jeopardy due to Climate Change. Do you have questions? Ask Ségolène Royal. Ask Al Gore. Ask Michael Bloomberg. These 3 folks know what’s up. For the love of all that is holy, please listen to them. Thank you.

Back to the Midterms 2018, remember, mobilizing is good, but if you want to follow through, you gotta vote.

Until Next Time!