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JETLAG RADIO 087-091 have been uploaded. I have also added a few more BENKYO RADIOs, now up to episode 017. I have also started LAMBDA RADIO & QUANTUM RADIO. These two are even more special, and work in conjunction.

Lately I’m enjoying the PBS series on The Great American Read, reading books that I’ve listed on my Bookclub tab & goodreads account, and playing the new Spider-Man game. The album I’m looking forward to listening to right now is is the new Jean-Michel Jarre: Equinoxe Infinity.

I am currently in training on AI & Blockchain via a Startup.

More and more reports about Climate Change. It can no longer be denied. After January 2019, Congress must no longer stay mute, it is time to pass laws to take Climate Change seriously. It is time that “An Inconvenient Sequel” from Al Gore becomes required viewing. Everyone in Congress must watch it. The Supreme Court must watch it. The Administration must watch it. Students around the country must watch it. You simply cannot take the “let’s let the next administration take care of it” approach when it comes to our dear planet Earth. We must do something. The People have spoken. Everybody is on board, except the Administration. It is time for the Administration to comply. Don’t think that everybody is going to forget this new Climate report simply because it’s Thanksgiving / Black Friday. How many times do we have to say it? Rising Sea Levels. It’s coming.

It’s Thanksgiving, so don’t forget to be grateful this year for good health, family, friends, and loved ones. Be careful with the weather, drive safe, and select a designated driver. Enjoy some good turkey (or the vegetarian equivalent), and be merry amongst the people around you. Holidays are meant to be spent together. Our time on this Earth is too precious to be wasted on quarrels. Don’t you forget that as we speak, there are many of us who are unable to celebrate Thanksgiving with their loved ones because of work. Therefore, be happy you have the opportunity to be with family. Even when you think about arguing over Thanksgiving dinner, think about the person who has to say “Happy Thanksgiving” over Skype/Facetime. Think about those folks. Thanksgiving is my one of my favorite holidays. I will be thinking about those folks during the festivities.

Big rivalry game for The Ohio State Buckeyes this weekend as we play TTUN. Go Bucks!

Until Next Time!