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I want to thank everybody who got off their couch and actually voted during the Midterm Elections. You saw it yourself, voting does matter. Rep John Lewis went through so much throughout his life, and for some reason, some folks still didn’t get the message. That is why he created his “March” Trilogy comic book series. So that people from all walks of life could get together and read this story of the Civil Rights movement. Never take your right to vote for granted. It really is incredibly precious. Don’t forget that many of us are in tears, because we are immigrants, and the countries we are from are ravaged by dictatorships, inequalities, intimidation, so on and so forth. We live in a democracy and we should remember that voting is a hard-fought right, not a given. It must be continually reaffirmed and practiced, or the democracy we have will cease to exist. No matter who you voted for, if you don’t think your right to vote is important, I dare you to look a soldier in the eyes and tell him/her “voting doesn’t matter.” It is how we exercise our collective voice. We were upset with 2016, so we made our voices heard in 2018. We will do so again in 2020, and hopefully sooner, now that we won back the House. On Election Day, I went hiking. It happened by luck, but I am kind of glad it did because it reminded me that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the aftermath of the 2016 election, decided to go hiking. So that was my shout out to her. Reflecting back, it still seems unfair that an overqualified woman lost to a misogynist who was utterly unqualified to hold office of the Presidency. Let’s be honest, she lost because she was a woman. If she was a man, there wouldn’t be such a (but her emails!!!) issue. That’s why I’m so glad that so many women won in the Midterm Elections. Some of you may disagree, but I am ready for the VP to take over, and take us back to some semblance of reality. Our train of thoughts definitely differ, but at least, he reads his morning briefings. Because someone needs to start taking Climate Change seriously. 2030 may not be next year but it is right around the corner.

Now that the election cycle is over for a little while, I can focus on some other important topics: AI, Music, and International Studies. There are some really great resources out there for those of you who are interested in learning more about current events. Some of my favorites are The Economist (my favorite magazine of all time), Foreign Policy, and Foreign Affairs. I also just signed up for The Cipher Brief and there’s also The Diplomat, for all things Asia-Pacific. Last but not least, Le Monde diplomatique.

If you’re a college student, check out OneVoice, a global initiative that supports activists in Israel and Palestine. You’d be surprised, but you can actually make a difference. You can even change the world. Hopefully we can work on the deal of the century without having to wait until 2020.

Looking forward to read an old biography from Ochocinco (former player of the Cincinnati Bengals, and now somehow someway one of the greatest FIFA19 player on the entire planet). I also want to read “Ceux de 14,” a book on WWI. Looking for some new books on Zen as always.

By the way, a big thank you to Armin van Buuren, I just listened to EP888, wow, wow, wow. Actually, even one more wow. He’s really talented! I wonder if he’s put his ADE 2018 DJ mix on YouTube yet, I think he did, I need to check it out.

Until Next Time!