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Wow, 100 episodes of JETLAG RADIO! What started as a small project became something gigantic. I love that quote by Terry Crews that says “Just because they aren’t following you, doesn’t mean they aren’t following you.” Fans are awesome (I don’t mind it when folks want to work/study next to me when I’m out and about). I want to thank everybody who has been following. It’s amazing how some people will only be there when times are great, but disappear when times are hard. The true people are those who stick by you and times are tough, and times are well. One great lyrics quote from 21' Savage’s new album is “would you still love me if I had minimum wage?” Because that’s God’s Honest Truth. Are people surrounding you only when you are popular, but suddenly vanish when you are not doing good? Watch out for those people. Surround yourself with folks who are there in good times and the bad.

I hope I inspired folks to continue to study, all the time, to pursue whatever you are chasing. If you are just pursuing diamond watches like rapper Future, more power to you, but I’m not impressed (sometimes he makes great songs, sometimes he makes bad songs). Bragging about “you’re still not a millionaire” on his Snapchat is not the right approach to inspire the hearts and minds of young people. People who are studying day and night to become better version of themselves. I’m more impressed by a young woman named Ocasio who just became a very young congressman. She has a lot of haters, because she’s trying to change the system. Do you remember your first job? My first job was a Bagger at a groceries store. I pushed carts in the snow. My hands were freezing. I will never forget that experience. My second job in High School, was working at a library. Knowledge is important, and it’s important when we all win. For the longest time the 1% controls everything. It’s still true to this day. But how do we change this? It doesn’t happen overnight. Barack Obama didn’t bust in the front door of the White House listening to Tupac, they would have shot him on sight. He was a Community Organizer. He inspired people. He got people to vote. People were and are still exciting by him. People are excited about Hillary too, but unfortunately, due to Macho Society, she lost. It’s time to wake up and re-read what FiveThirtyEight said: elderly white women (listening to the wrong men) voted for Trump. End of discussion. If you support women, you need to show this at the polls. “No to the Hillary dynasty blah blah blah” No to what? Need I remind you that President Clinton had a surplus doing his time in office? Bill Clinton’s scandals fit on a post-it. Trump’s scandals, you need a whole department for that. Remember the line from Jurassic Park “nobody cares! nobody cares!” That’s what’s currently happening, and it is an outrage. Did you see the front cover of The Economist? Society is treating this into a TV show. Do you have any idea how embarrassing that is for the past 3 presidents? You want to joke about the stability of the free world? The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is congregating in a week or so. You don’t joke about that. Democrats now control the House of Representatives. It’s time to end this shutdown, push to fix Climate Change, Medicare for All, Free Tuition, make Pre-Kindergarden free, Black Lives Matter, Equality Rights, Income Inequality, so on and so forth. Why are school supplies a demoralizing topic for Teachers? Why can’t we have both money for the military and Teachers, why is Senator Sanders the only one speaking out? The rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Now that I have reached my 100 playlists milestone, I’d like to give you my most important book recommendation, it’s a book called “Multipliers” by Liz Wiseman. Read it. Learn from it. Not everybody is entrusted with a Multiplier, but if you are, it’s a big responsibility. It basically allows to untap power to boost and raise awareness on whatever you find important.

It took me about 2 years, but I learned a lot once I unlocked my Multiplier. It gave me flashbacks to never taking things for granted, that every day is a blessing, and elevate people who are doing great work. If someone is taking you for granted, forget them, they don’t know what they are missing out on.

You are amazing, you are shooting for the moon. After a while, you might even shoot for further outer-space like Elon Musk!

When you are at a young age, you can get very upset at the world, suffer bullying, so on and so forth. Stay positive and work hard. You can do it. If you hate studying, turn it into a fun activity. I saw one of my favorite rapper show something wonderful on his instagram: he was driving his daughter home from school, and she was already doing her homework in the car. She couldn’t even wait to get home to finish her studies. She wanted to do it as soon as possible so she could go have fun with her family and friends.

I heard Senator Kamala Harris might run for president in 2020. I think she should! She’s awesome. She always works very hard to make a difference for minorities who have to work twice or three times as hard to get ahead.

Lately on my reading list, I have some old Nafeez Ahmed books that I need to read.

Manchester United is going to play PSG in the Champions League, I’m so torn!

Some awesome new videogames coming out soon. There’s the Grand Tour racing game and Ace Combat 7. Finally! Fighter Jets who can dogfights in a safe virtual environment.

Oh yeah. End the Govt Shutdown. Or, expedite the 2016 Elections investigation, and start impeachment hearings. We can’t wait 6 months.

Best of luck to the One Voice Movement, who is working hard on the Deal of the Century (Two State Solution). I hope 2019 is our year.

Until Next Time!