• Astronomers just mapped the inside of a supernova [Astronomy Magazine]

  • Quantum computing should supercharge this machine-learning technique [MIT Tech Review]

  • How economic inequality might affect a society’s well-being [PBS News Hour]

  • Photos: kids in 128 countries are on strike to protect the climate [Vox]

  • DARPA is trying to build an unhackable open-source voting system [MIT Tech Review]

  • New AFRL podcast goes behind the scenes [AF Reserve Command]

  • Klaus Lackner’s once wacky idea increasingly looks like an essential part of solving climate change [MIT Tech Review]

  • Explore MOON to MARS [NASA]

  • LeBron James, overcome with emotion from passing Michael Jordan on the all-time scoring list, just wants to inspire kids like MJ inspired him [SB Nation]

  • How Artificial Intelligence is Changing Science [Quanta Magazine]

  • Countries look at ways to tinker with Earth’s thermostat [The Economist]

  • Strategy Needs Creativity [HBR]

  • Life probably exists beyond Earth. So how do we find it? [Nat Geo]

Very excited by the numerous amount of candidates in the Democratic Primaries for 2020. Just remember, if the party is divided, and not rallied around the best candidate, we may lose again. After bitter 2016, let’s not have a bitter 2020.

I’m making an update because ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL is coming up and I’m doing my yearly PSA about it. If you’re going, have fun, and be safe. Don’t do drugs. Don’t bring your parents anxiety wondering whether or not you will OD. It sounds silly and what not, until it happens to you or those you care about.

Dance because you are high off the music. You do not need to be high off hard drugs. You’ve seen pictures of “before and after” of folks on hard drugs. You don’t want that. Your parents don’t want that. Show them you’re responsible. If they’re letting you go all the way to Miami, don’t take their trust for granted. Don’t roll your eyes when they’re lecturing you. Take off an hour and watch a PBS Frontline documentary special, this subject is not funny.

I’m very excited that the 67th Sebring race is this weekend! Looking forward to the race and checking out all the lap times. There’s also a new F1 documentary on Netflix, it ought to be interesting. We’re also towards the end of The Grand Tour Season 3, which has been extremely fun to watch. Did you know you can play it as a game? It’s available on PS4 and other platforms.

My favorite new show is Whiskey Cavalier, be sure to check it out.

I’m not sure why all my favorite DJs are djin’ at ski resorts lately, but I presume they’re up to some shenanigans.

St Patrick’s Day is this weekend! Please drink responsibly.

My goal is to finish reading The Iliad this month. I’m resuming Assassin’s Creed Origins, amazing plot.

I think Elon Musk just announced his Y model, be sure to check it out!

Lot of Basketball this month! It’s March Madness!

Bumblebee was great! Wonderful origins story, and brought memories of watching the first Transformers movie.

Happy Birthday to Einstein and thus Happy Pi Day! If you figure out the Theory of Everything, (hint, it has to do with a Quantum Taxonomy Tree & Prime Factorization), I will buy you a drink or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage.

Until Next Time!


  • How Space and Time Could Be a Quantum Error-Correcting Code [Quanta Magazine]

  • How collective intelligence can change your world, right now [Nafeez Ahmed]

  • ‘Gran Turismo 7’ Will Have Real-Time Ray-Tracing, Likely Playstation 5 Bound [comicbook]

  • Why children’s lives have changed radically in just a few decades [The Economist]

  • Solskjaer excited by Rashford’s top potential [Manchester United]

  • How Leaders Can Get Honest, Positive Feedback [HBR]

  • Astronomers find another source of repeating radio bursts from outside our galaxy [The Verge]

  • How to Manage When We Feel Overwhelmed [TalkSpace]

  • The Crystal Method: “You have to hustle, work hard and not take anything for granted” [DJ Mag]

  • Stars like our Sun turn into crystals late in life [Astronomy Magazine]

  • Bill de Blasio’s plan to guarantee health care for every New Yorker, explained [Vox]

  • How Trump’s government shutdown is harming cyber and national security [TC]

  • IBM has just unveiled this cool-looking quantum computer—but it will hide in the cloud [MIT Tech Review]

  • Today’s #IntelAI technologies are already addressing tomorrow’s space exploration challenges. [Intel on Soundcloud]

  • The brutal secret of school sport initiations [BBC News]

  • The black teenager whose world was turned upside down by racism [The Guardian]

  • Keeping up with Ohio State’s CubeRRT satellite [OSU Alumni]

  • Finally declassified: Swedish pilots awarded US Air Medals for saving SR-71 spy plane [MilitaryTimes]

Wow, 100 episodes of JETLAG RADIO! What started as a small project became something gigantic. I love that quote by Terry Crews that says “Just because they aren’t following you, doesn’t mean they aren’t following you.” Fans are awesome (I don’t mind it when folks want to work/study next to me when I’m out and about). I want to thank everybody who has been following. It’s amazing how some people will only be there when times are great, but disappear when times are hard. The true people are those who stick by you and times are tough, and times are well. One great lyrics quote from 21' Savage’s new album is “would you still love me if I had minimum wage?” Because that’s God’s Honest Truth. Are people surrounding you only when you are popular, but suddenly vanish when you are not doing good? Watch out for those people. Surround yourself with folks who are there in good times and the bad.

I hope I inspired folks to continue to study, all the time, to pursue whatever you are chasing. If you are just pursuing diamond watches like rapper Future, more power to you, but I’m not impressed (sometimes he makes great songs, sometimes he makes bad songs). Bragging about “you’re still not a millionaire” on his Snapchat is not the right approach to inspire the hearts and minds of young people. People who are studying day and night to become better version of themselves. I’m more impressed by a young woman named Ocasio who just became a very young congressman. She has a lot of haters, because she’s trying to change the system. Do you remember your first job? My first job was a Bagger at a groceries store. I pushed carts in the snow. My hands were freezing. I will never forget that experience. My second job in High School, was working at a library. Knowledge is important, and it’s important when we all win. For the longest time the 1% controls everything. It’s still true to this day. But how do we change this? It doesn’t happen overnight. Barack Obama didn’t bust in the front door of the White House listening to Tupac, they would have shot him on sight. He was a Community Organizer. He inspired people. He got people to vote. People were and are still exciting by him. People are excited about Hillary too, but unfortunately, due to Macho Society, she lost. It’s time to wake up and re-read what FiveThirtyEight said: elderly white women (listening to the wrong men) voted for Trump. End of discussion. If you support women, you need to show this at the polls. “No to the Hillary dynasty blah blah blah” No to what? Need I remind you that President Clinton had a surplus doing his time in office? Bill Clinton’s scandals fit on a post-it. Trump’s scandals, you need a whole department for that. Remember the line from Jurassic Park “nobody cares! nobody cares!” That’s what’s currently happening, and it is an outrage. Did you see the front cover of The Economist? Society is treating this into a TV show. Do you have any idea how embarrassing that is for the past 3 presidents? You want to joke about the stability of the free world? The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists is congregating in a week or so. You don’t joke about that. Democrats now control the House of Representatives. It’s time to end this shutdown, push to fix Climate Change, Medicare for All, Free Tuition, make Pre-Kindergarden free, Black Lives Matter, Equality Rights, Income Inequality, so on and so forth. Why are school supplies a demoralizing topic for Teachers? Why can’t we have both money for the military and Teachers, why is Senator Sanders the only one speaking out? The rest of you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Now that I have reached my 100 playlists milestone, I’d like to give you my most important book recommendation, it’s a book called “Multipliers” by Liz Wiseman. Read it. Learn from it. Not everybody is entrusted with a Multiplier, but if you are, it’s a big responsibility. It basically allows to untap power to boost and raise awareness on whatever you find important.

It took me about 2 years, but I learned a lot once I unlocked my Multiplier. It gave me flashbacks to never taking things for granted, that every day is a blessing, and elevate people who are doing great work. If someone is taking you for granted, forget them, they don’t know what they are missing out on.

You are amazing, you are shooting for the moon. After a while, you might even shoot for further outer-space like Elon Musk!

When you are at a young age, you can get very upset at the world, suffer bullying, so on and so forth. Stay positive and work hard. You can do it. If you hate studying, turn it into a fun activity. I saw one of my favorite rapper show something wonderful on his instagram: he was driving his daughter home from school, and she was already doing her homework in the car. She couldn’t even wait to get home to finish her studies. She wanted to do it as soon as possible so she could go have fun with her family and friends.

I heard Senator Kamala Harris might run for president in 2020. I think she should! She’s awesome. She always works very hard to make a difference for minorities who have to work twice or three times as hard to get ahead.

Lately on my reading list, I have some old Nafeez Ahmed books that I need to read.

Manchester United is going to play PSG in the Champions League, I’m so torn!

Some awesome new videogames coming out soon. There’s the Grand Tour racing game and Ace Combat 7. Finally! Fighter Jets who can dogfights in a safe virtual environment.

Oh yeah. End the Govt Shutdown. Or, expedite the 2016 Elections investigation, and start impeachment hearings. We can’t wait 6 months.

Best of luck to the One Voice Movement, who is working hard on the Deal of the Century (Two State Solution). I hope 2019 is our year.

Until Next Time!


  • VW wants I.D. R racer to set the Nurburgring EV lap [autoblog]

  • Voyager 2 becomes second human-made object to cross into interstellar space [The Verge]

  • D-Wave releases development kit for hybrid quantum-classical applications [TechRepublic]

  • The record for high-temperature superconductivity has been smashed again [MIT Tech Review]

  • Medical report shows disastrous impact of Australia’s offshore impact of Australia’s offshore processing policy [MSF]

  • There’s a great anti-poverty bill in the Senate. Why haven’t we heard more about it? [Vox]

  • The Economist’s books of the year [The Economist]

  • Satellites may connect the entire world to the internet [The Economist]

  • Instagram launches walkie-talkie voice messaging [TechCrunch]

  • Why Companies That Wait to Adopt AI May Never Catch Up [HBR]

  • Tim Cook to white supremacists: ‘You have no place on our platforms’ [The Verge]

  • Making U.S. Fire Departments More Diverse and Inclusive [HBR]

  • Netflix will release a new Ghost in the Shell anime in 2020 [The Verge]

  • Grammy nominations 2019: Kendrick Lamar’s Black Panther soundtrack and Drake lead the pack [Vox]

  • Here’s Why Having Only Two Winter Tires Is Bad [Jalopnik]

  • Universal income vs. the robots: Meet the presidential candidate fighting automation [MIT Tech Review]

  • F-35’s Final Milestone Before Full-Rate Production [Air Force Mag]

I have uploaded a few new JETLAG RADIO episodes, BENKYO RADIO is up to 22, and LAMBDA RADIO & QUANTUM RADIO are both at episode 2.

It’s the holidays! In previous holiday seasons, I used to empathize so much with folks working retail. If you know a little about it, I worked retail for 7 years before becoming an Analyst 5-7 years ago. Nowadays, I want you to remember this, while people working retail are frustrated (I have an epic story about a woman who threw a book at me, and she was with her child), here is what I want you to remember: Military, Firefighters, Policemen, and countless other fields have workers who have it up the wazoo during the holidays. They’re trying to hold down the peace, and trust me, that can be very hard. Therefore, when a firefighter shows you a video that may look cheesy, it might save your life. Look up what they say to make sure your Christmas tree does not catch on fire. When a policeman looks at the camera and says “wear a seatbelt, happy holidays!” what he/she means to say is WEAR YOUR DAMN SEATBELT every time. No excuse. Do it to save your life. Don’t be stupid. Please, I am literally begging you, because I’ve seen the statistics, and every year, CHP cries. Every year, they are looking for ways to prevent accidents. Stop goofing with your damn cell phone when you are driving. Once you get in the car, set up your bluetooth, and that’s it. Especially you teenagers who are just starting to drive. YOLO YOLO YOLO? Yes, indeed, YOLO = You Only Live Once. There’s no do-over. So, wear your damn seatbelt. Don’t drink and drive. You can always select a designated driver, an Uber, a Lyft, a Cab, take the bus, or train. Just please, be careful. Christmas is a time to be merry, so, eyes on the road. Thank you.

I am currently listening to the new Paul van Dyk album, I’ve been waiting for years for this, I very much enjoyed his Politics of Dancing series, and the rest of his whole collection, which is the reason why I selected as one of my Top 5 DJs for the past DJ MAG competition. I really hope Eric Prydz resumes his radio show in 2019 because I miss his music/style.

I’m reading Tao of Seneca series (there are 3) lately. They are pretty good. I also gathered a super reading list for International Studies books. Looking forward to reading them in 2019.

Until Next Time!

JETLAG RADIO 082 | BENKYO/BENKYOU! RADIO 007-008-009 | 10-02-18

  • Astronomers Find First Evidence of Possible Moon Outside Our Solar System [NASA]

  • Global leaders must make bold commitments at first-ever UN tuberculosis summit [MSF]

  • 663 million people in the world live without clean water [charity:water]

  • The Water Crisis []

  • Cape Town’s water crisis shows the reality for cities on the front line of climate change [EIU Perspectives]

  • The World is ‘Nowhere Near On Track’ to Hit Global Warming Goal, UN Reports Warn [Fortune]

  • See the Climatorium, Denmark’s big bet on tackling climate change [Fast Company]

  • Among many climate scientists, gloom has set in. Things are worse than we think, but they can’t really talk about it. [Esquire]

  • UN recruits Mike Bloomberg to lead green finance push [Climate Home News]

  • Reinventing liberalism for the 21st Century [The Economist]

  • The Business Case for Curiosity [HBR]

  • President Obama Sits Down with 11 Emerging Leaders from Across Europe [Obama Foundation]

  • US takes first step toward a quantum computing workforce [MIT Tech Review]

  • Intel, White House talk Quantum Computing [Intel Newsroom]

  • Logic Pro X and MainStage 3 get updated with tons of new tweaks [Cult of Mac]

  • Microsoft announces Xbox One keyboard and mouse support with Razer partnership [The Verge]

  • Apple iPhone Xs Review: A (S)mall Step Up! [MKBHD]

  • iPhone XS Max and iPhone XS: Apple Event Highlights! [Sam Sheffer]

  • 50 Years of the Department of Dance [OSU Libraries]

  • Auto #23 [FIA]

  • Auto+ Medical #14 [FIA]

  • Auto+ Women in Motorsport #15 [FIA]

  • Google Pixel 3 XL event is October 9th

JL Radio 082 has been uploaded, JL Radio 083 is unfortunately not ready. I’m at over 300 tracks/songs, still waiting on a few albums and soundtracks to come out, then I have to put them in the order I want. With Benkyo Radio 007, 008, and 009, here are 3 more partial passages/comments from the Tao Te Ching book I own.

Verse 7 - Modesty: The wise are heard through their silence, always self-full through selflessness

Verse 8 - The Highest Good: The goodness that is expressed in this verse which implies that while both goodness and badness coexist, that it is goodness that flows effortlessly like water, because it is goodness that is more at the core of nature, including human nature.

Verse 9 - Overfulfillment: Celebrate the Great Integrity as the pathway to actualization in which our self and social components will be mutually supportive and no longer in conflict with each other!

Logic has a new album! It was really good! Dude convinced the entire Wu-Tang Clan to get together on a track!!! Eminem’s album is pretty awesome too, not too excited about its title though, a bit dangerous. It also appears that Lil Wayne’s album finally came out as well. There’s a new Dillon Francis LP, and David Guetta has a new album as well. OVOSOUND Radio has some new episodes, be sure to check them out, and now The Weeknd has a new Beats 1 radio show, it’s really good so far. I really want Eric Prydz to come back with Season 3 of his Radio Show, I hope we don’t have to wait another couple of months.

Spider-Man just came out on PS4, I hear it’s pretty good. Also there’s a new Forza for Xbox One. I’m trying to keep up with all the new updates on Gran Turismo, there is a new patch with even more cars. There’s a new Assassin’s Creed, and Call of Duty Black Ops 4 is upon us.

Can I just say a big thank you to Michelle Obama’s recent speech. I had “political fatigue” the other day, and wanted to throw a bunch of papers in the air. But, she explains how important things are, how we always end up in this ruckus. We don’t pay attention to the news, then close to the elections, we kind of do, but when it comes out to get off the couch and vote, rarely we do. A lot of amazing candidates won in the primaries, but they still need your vote coming this November. Once we take back the House, we can work on some important policies, both foreign and domestic, and complete the important investigation on Elections 2016, but if we don’t win the Midterms 2018, it will be out of the door, because we will simply won’t have the votes.

The UN gathered last week. Many made their case. It is time to listen. Do not overlook all of the atrocities all over the world. We need to do better. We can do better.

I finished reading FMA in manga format. It’s amazing, and I think everybody should read it.

I think they turned Bleach into a movie on Netflix, looking forward to it!

Have fun at Amsterdam Dance Event 2018, looks like I will probably miss it, unfortunately. Looking forward all the new music that come out though.

Please vote in the Midterms 2018. Don’t take your right to vote for granted. It’s time to wake up. If you have any concerns about the gravity of the situation, I suggest you watch some of the latest documentaries on Frontline PBS.

Speaking of PBS, thank you so much for “The Great American Read” TV series. I’ve only seen the first episode of this document series, but it’s really great so far. I voted for Catch-22, but I hope Harry Potter wins.

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, Climate Change is real. there is a big new IPCC report coming out in a few days. Read the damn report, no more messing around. It’s time to show we mean business. We must collectively work on this, or else, the entire planet is jeopardy. Please re-read what I just said, the planet is in jeopardy due to Climate Change. Do you have questions? Ask Ségolène Royal. Ask Al Gore. Ask Michael Bloomberg. These 3 folks know what’s up. For the love of all that is holy, please listen to them. Thank you.

Back to the Midterms 2018, remember, mobilizing is good, but if you want to follow through, you gotta vote.

Until Next Time!

JETLAG RADIO 069 | 070 | 071 | 03-18-18

Hi there. I've recently uploaded playlists 069, 070, and 071.

  • Fast, Furious, and Finally Here; The Road to the Reborn Supra [Bloomberg]

  • How to Manipulate Facebook and Twitter instead of letting them manipulate you [MIT Tech Review]

  • MSF: The Year in Pictures 2017 [MSF]

  • Stephen Hawking: Intel Remembers The Famed Physicist [Intel]

  • Syria war: Seven years, seven pictures [Al Jazeera]

  • Sebring Race Results 2018 [Sebring]

  • They Saw Earth From Space. Here's How It Changed Them. [Nat Geo]

  • 17-Year Old Colton Herta Joins BMW Team RLL as Test and Reserve Driver [BMW Blog]

  • Renforcer la securité intérieure et la lutte contre le terrorisme [FRA GOUV]

  • The Inclusive Internet Index: Measuring Success 2018 [The EIU]

  • 2018 Dodge Charger [Car & Driver]

  • Nissan launches third iteration GT-R Nismo GT3 (R35) [AutoSport]

  • 9 Google Home Tips for Music Lovers [CNET]

  • Last Men in Aleppo [Netflix]

  • Flint Town [Netflix]

  • Fullmetal Alchemist [Netflix]

  • New Ford Mustang GT California Special Joins the Carmaker's 2019 Lineup [Tech Times]

  • Global Threat Assessment 2018 Full Report [WeProtect]

  • Ian Callum Reveals The Story Of Jaguar's Electric Dream [Forbes]

  • The New 2018 Volkswagen Passat GT, An American-born Sport Sedan [VW]

  • T-X to replace T-38 at pilot training bases [U.S. Air Force]

First things first, after being inspired by Kevin Love's post, and Prince Harry's long work to fight Mental Health stigma, although this is extremely personal for me, I've decided to speak a little bit on the matter. I have recently read the book "Mental" by Jaime Lowe (link), and it was a very insightful moment for me reading the moral of its story, which was that she was very lucky. Others, are not as much. They are from broken homes, broken families, history of abuse, drug addiction, etc. Meanwhile, she had family support, and various doctors until she became stable. I have to remember, while things were tough for me, others have it much harder. I have dealt with Bipolar disorder for about a decade, and stable for now over 7 years. For those of you who are having a hard time, just remember, take it one day at a time, see your doctor(s) regularly, and if you've been prescribed medications, make sure you take them. Surround yourself with friends and family support. You will go through struggles, but just stay positive. 

I also just read an important book on Delta Force by Eric L. Haney, and it was a great read. These guys don't make 6 figures, they don't brag about material things, they just do it for the guy next to them. This will be different when I read about Blackwater, with the insurmountable amount of fiasco in the news. I am glad that Jeremy Scahill wrote on the topic. I'm also thankful for Jon Stewart highlighting the fact that some idiotic politicians are not taking care of 9/11 first-responders.

The best thing on Television right now is The Looming Tower. It's really the best piece of work since Syriana & The International. I am glad that Hulu took the risk to tell such an important story.

As I just started to watch March Madness, my beloved Buckeyes lost against Gonzaga, which sucks, but let's remember the amazing season they had.

I am 75% done with Wipeout Omega. Can't wait to beat the crap out of the Corruption level in Wipeout Fury. Still going through the motion in Wipeout Pure, and Wipeout 2048 is still hard as hell.

I know the news cycle is frustrating, but just remember, there are positive sides. CA Secretary of State Alex Padilla has helped pre-register over 9,000 (sorry, Dragon Ball Z reference), I mean over 90,000 teenagers. This storm is going throughout the nation. Take it easy, and just don't forget to vote in Midterms 2018, and the 2020 elections. Take no risk, show up at the polls.

I'm having fun going through both Deadmau5 & Armin van Buuren's Masterclasses. I still have a long time before I learn how to use Logic Pro X, but I can't wait to play around with it, it's gonna be a fun hobby. By the way, Ultra Music Festival is next week, so if you're going, have fun, but please be safe, stay hydrated, and don't take pills from strangers, it's simply not worth it. Think of your parents.

Right now I'm listening to the new Logic mixtape and the new The Neighbourhood album. Obviously with UMF coming up, there's going to be so much new music, so be sure to check it out.

One of the next books I am going to read was a recommendation from a local bookseller, and it ought to be interesting. While there are countless books on men in World War 1 & 2, this one focuses on women, entitled "The Radium Girls" by Kate Moore. Still reading the Fullmetal Alchemist manga which I'm starting to think will be over 25,000 pages when I am done.

I just ordered some publication from Le Monde Diplomatique, and can't wait to read it.

RIP Stephen Hawking. Looking forward to the day people solve Quantum Gravity & Multiverse theories.

Until Next Time!


JETLAG RADIO 065 | 11-06-17

Hello. I've just included playlist 065.

One of the tracks I wanted to highlight was Sander van Doorn's latest project under his alias "Purple Haze" entitled "Neiloj" which is from his new album "Spectrvm." I highly recommend listening to the whole LP, it's really good.


The other song I wanted to mention was from Noel Gallagher. It's called "Holy Mountain," and his new album is coming out in a few months. As I've mentioned before, I am a huge Oasis fan, so I can't wait for this. Liam has already released his new album, so now we wait for Noel.


  • The Most Amazing Futuristic Cars at the Tokyo Motor Show [Bloomberg]
  • Budget 2018: French youth sacrificed [Thomas Piketty]
  • Transforming Health Care [HBR]
  • Do social media threaten democracy? [The Economist]
  • Why Every Organization Needs an Augmented Reality Strategy [HBR]
  • Why Hospitals Need Better Data Science [HBR]
  • Doubling Down on Gene Therapy for Heart Failure [MIT Tech Review]
  • The right way to help declining places [The Economist]
  • How Should Governments Address Inequality? [Foreign Affairs]
  • By the end of 2016, 65.6 million people were displaced by persecution, conflict, violence, or human rights violations [@refugees]
  • The Right Way to Honor the Troops [Foreign Policy]
  • The Vietnam War [PBS]
  • U.S. Report Says Humans Cause Climate Change, Contradicting Top Administration Officials [NY Times]
  • Open Enrollment has begun and continues through Jan. 31, 2018 [Covered CA]
  • LeBron James/Intel commercial tries to bring autonomous awareness [BMW Blog]
  • Tesla Turns Power Back On At Children's Hospital In Puerto Rico [NPR]
  • Alphabet's Project Loon deploys LTE balloons in Puerto Rico [The Verge]

One of the next books I plan to tackle is Satya Nadella's "Hit Refresh." There are a lot of great books out there and it's really hard deciding what to read first. I want to read the new Da Vinci biography by Walter Isaacson. I want to read that new book by this cool old ESPN sportscaster. I want to start the entire Tom Clancy series (many years ago I had read 3/4th of Rainbow Six but never finished it).

Lately, I'm listening to all the great coverage from Amsterdam Dance Event 2017. There's a ton of new music from all the DJs. Armin van Buuren even had a 14 hour special episode of "A State of Trance" for episode 836. I'm almost done listening to the whole thing and it was amazing.

I've been putting off watching the latest Resident Evil movie because I wanted to re-watch the first 5, so I hope to do that soon. Milla Jovovich is my favorite actress, and I hope she takes down the evil Umbrella corporation in #6 once and for all.

New Google Pixel 2 & Apple iPhone X are out, so go check out all the coverage from MKBHD & Sam Sheffer. I'd link the videos, but I need to watch them first, they're about 20 minutes each.

Lastly. Just a friendly reminder that the holidays are almost upon us. Please drive safe. If you're a teenager, for the love of God, stop texting and driving, you're driving your parents completely bonkers. Thanks in advance.

Until Next Time!

JETLAG RADIO 060 | 7-20-17

Hi. I've just uploaded playlist # 60.

One of the songs is a new single from Liam Gallagher (Oasis) entitled "Wall of Glass." I sure miss the fact that Oasis are no longer together, but it's great to see them making new music.

  • The Business of Artificial Intelligence: What it can -- and cannot do -- do for your organization [HBR]
  • AI Fight Club Could Help Save Us from a Future of Super-Smart Cyberattacks [MIT Tech Review]
  • Game of Thrones is secretly all about Climate Change [VOX]
  • In Landmark Move, GOP Congress Calls Climate Change 'Direct Threat' to Security [FP]
  • Is the U.S. Ready for a Single-Payer Health Care System? [HBR]
  • Gore calls for single-payer healthcare [The Hill]
  • Climate Wars [FA]
  • The Machines Are Getting Ready to Play Doctor [MIT Tech Review / @SamDeBrule]
  • A trillion-ton iceberg just broke away from the Antarctic Peninsula [The Outline]
  • Machine Learning for Developers -- How to Build Intelligent Apps & Services [@MSAdvAnalytics]
  • Why Emotional Intelligence Matters in Venture Capital [@om]
  • A whole-genome sequenced rice mutant resource for the study of biofuel feedstocks []
  • The governor of California and Michael Bloomberg launched a new plan to fight Climate Change  -- with or without Trump [Business Insider]
  • Stephen Hawking issues dire warning about the threat Trump poses to a livable climate [ThinkProgress]
  • This Is How Climate Change Will Shift the World's Cities [Climate Central]
  • The Bookshelf: FP Staffers Review the New Releases [FP]
  • A Lean Startup Approach to Predictive Clinical Analytics in Healthcare, Part II [Intel]
  • Together, technology and teachers can revamp schools [The Economist]
  • Tao of Seneca -- Free PDFs [Tim Ferriss Blog]
  • CERN Courier - digital edition July/August 2017 issue [CERN]


  • lately I'm still reading Thomas Piketty's book on Income Inequality. It's quite a long read, and I'm finally halfway through it. My favorite album right now is Anjunabeats in Ibiza 2017, it's a great listen, so be sure to check it out. There's a new X-Files audiobook that came out on Audible, so give it a go assuming you're a fan of the series. Next movie I plan to see ought to be the new WW2 epic by Christopher Nolan, it already had great reviews, so it should be a must-watch.

Until Next Time!

JETLAG RADIO 055 | 3-20-17

Hello. I've just posted playlist #055. The first song is a collaboration between The Chainsmokers and Coldplay. It's called: "Something Just Like This." Pretty good song. It's deemed cheesy but cheesy can be good.

  • Machine Learning: The New Proving Ground for Competitive Advantage [MIT Technology Review in partnership with Google Cloud]
  • Brain-controlled robots [MIT]
  • Opportunities for machine-learning startups: An investor perspective [Venture Beat]
  • Facebook in Soccer Streaming Deal with MLS, Univision [WSJ]
  • Self-Driving Trucks: Tractor-trailers without a human at the wheel will soon barrel onto highways near you. What will this mean for the nation's 1.7 million truck drivers? [MIT Technology Review]
  • Can Facebook's Machine Learning Algorithms Accurately Predict Suicide? [Scientific American]
  • This Man Makes Founders Cry [Backchannel]
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  • Water security threats demand new collaborations: Lessons from the Mekong River Basin [EIU]
  • The Assault on Reason 2017 Edition by Al Gore [Penguin Random House]
  • Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists Volume 73 issue 2 [link]
  • Horizon Zero Dawn [Playstation]
  • TAG Heuer and Gran Turismo Sport Partnership Announced at the Geneva Motor Show [Gran Turismo]

Right now I'm listening to Drake's "More Life" playlist. It's really good, and great to hear new Drake music. Assassin's Creed was finally on iTunes so I got to watch it. Great movie, although it did have bad reviews. Ubisoft is working on the next installment and skipped a year to polish the final product from what the blogosphere is saying. Manchester United is still in the Europa League, Quarter-Finals are next month, along with UCL. Imperative that MANUTD wins, so they get back to the UCL next year. I just read Najat Vallaud-Belkacem (French Minister of Education)'s book. I really connected with the book because she refers the conundrum of being in the middle of two cultures, being an immigrant yet viewing herself as a proud French person. It's something that a lot of people deal with in France. People deem you as being "unpatriotic" because of the color of your skin. There are millions of immigrants working extremely hard, and their stories have been told, it just gets lost in the news cycle. Then you get the rise of "Populism" which is scary as hell. Thankfully they didn't win in Holland. Yet Le Pen might win in France, hence the importance of voting in the elections. Abstention is not an option, the risks are far too great.

Anyway, #SXSW just wrapped up, so be sure to check out coverage on your favorite tech blogs, I'm sure there were some great stories! Also, Ultra Music Festival is happening soon, so if you're going, have fun, but please be safe.

Until next time!

PS. I saw MØ in concert! It was amazing. Her voice is incredible, can't wait for the new album.

PPS. March Madness!!!

JETLAG RADIO 053 | 1-31-17

Hi. I've just added Playlist 053 to the blog. The first track is this really cool song by The Trixx called "Cosmos." It makes a good intro.

  • Beat Generosity Burnout [HBR]
  • Companies Brace for Decade of Disruption From AI [MIT Sloan Management Review]
  • The Rise of AI Will Force Data Scientists To Evolve Or Get Left Behind [Forbes]
  • AI Is About Business Opportunity, Not Killing All Humans [Huffington Post UK]
  • The future of AI? Here's what Microsoft researchers think [World Economic Forum / Fortune]
  • Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking Warn of Artificial Intelligence Arms Race [Newsweek]
  • Deep Learning Will Radically Change the Ways We Interact with Technology [HBR]
  • 4 Models for Using AI to Make Decisions [HBR]
  • A Mystery AI Just Crushed The Best Human Players At Poker [WIRED]
  • More understanding machines - IBM Patent 9384450 [IBMBlr]
  • Printed Human body parts could soon be available for transplant [The Economist]
  • The Race To Pass Obama's Last Law and Save Tech in DC [WIRED]
  • Gene-Editing Therapy Saves Lives Of Two Baby Girls With Leukemia [IFLScience]
  • Boeing's New Spacesuit May Look Stylish As Hell, But It's All Business [WIRED]
  • Books I'm reading: just started my 3rd book on Doctors Without Borders (this one by Peter Redfield), a Zen book by Jakusho Kwong, something by C.S. Lewis, and a Greek Philosophy book. I still want to read the new Tim Ferriss, but Good God that's a huge book to carry around. I may need the Kindle version.
  • one of the latest albums I've been listening to is BT's "-+", which you can stream here. It's really good and great ambient background music for reading/studying/etc.
  • Joshua Topolsky's new website "The Outline" has been live for a couple of weeks now, and it's pretty good, be sure to check it out.
  • Daft Punk are going to perform at the Grammys! So excited!
  • FC Cincinnati submits application to join Major League Soccer. This is excellent news! [WCPO]
  • The FIA WEC #Endurance2017 conference is 02/02/2017, don't miss it! [FIA WEC]
  • Data on climate change progress is disappearing from the US State Department website [Business Insider] this is really alarming so please contact your representatives

Until Next Time!