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I feel demoralized for the Democrats, who played by the rules, only to get jinxed. We won the House of Representatives, and we somehow remain powerless. We had a Mueller report released on the anniversary of Nixon’s demise, but it was not enough. We demanded his tax returns, even that is falling through. I really thought Maxine was going to get up from her chair and slap that guy today. The light at the end of the tunnel is almost here. We all know the reason why all these elections get rigged. It’s because we make it complicated for minorities in some districts to vote. When I go to vote, I can go early, and it takes less than 30 minutes. Why does a young minority have to spend 5 hours in Florida and then be deny vote due to a “faulty” machine? This is ridiculous. Also, Electoral College. In many previous elections, the person who got the Popular Vote didn’t get the win. That’s not fair. Americans love our sports. In most sports, the team with the most points win. Democrats have the most votes, but because of these ridiculous “gerrymandering” maps from the Middle Ages, we get stuck with this nonsense. Stop yanking our chain. Enough is enough.

Listen to (Barack) Obama, who is listening to his wife Michelle. You wouldn’t dress the way your grandparents would want, or the music they listen to, so why would you throw away your right to vote? Cherish it. You can really make a difference. Look at our demise. The system is so messed up that we have to vote in overwhelming fashion just to win. Even though we have the best players, and the best teammates.

Why wouldn’t healthcare or education be more affordable or free? I was watching a movie yesterday and there’s a scene that made me cry. It was about a woman who got her college acceptance letter, and the guy asked her why isn’t she excited? She said because her parents couldn’t afford to send her to school. That’s messed up. There are countless of kids out there who want to go to school, and the system is denying them that opportunity. That is plain wrong.

Let me say that I have a whole lot of respect for a profession that all of us despise. That job is being a referee. When you think about it, a lot of these folks in high places have to play referee. There is often two sides who want to go at it, and there’s a person in the middle who has to remind them that there is a better way. A way to compromise. A way to do something for the greater good. Everybody got upset at our new governor Gavin Newsom for trying to abolish the death penalty in California. But then they asked him, and he frankly responded “he couldn’t sleep at night.” Do you see now? The importance of having a conscience?

You have a choice. You can listen to the rapper who “floss” on instagram and stacks of tens of thousands of dollars. Or you can listen to the rapper who put his pride aside, made peace with another rapper he was beefing with, and became a strong advocate against mass incarcerations.

To any politicians and elected officials: If you stay mute on the Extreme-Right, then you are complicit with the Extreme-Right.

Do we want to waste our time with small weed drug offenders, or do we want to go after Big Pharma who exploited and made billions off the opioid epidemic?

I’m not diabetic, but when I heard insulin shots cost hundreds of dollars, and some folks had to go out of the country to get some affordable ones…I mean this is embarrassing.

Why do we praise and give billions of dollars to companies like JUUL who gets kids addicted to smoking, instead of paying our teachers decent salaries so they wouldn’t have to beg on gofundme pages just to afford school supplies? On the ballot in 2020 should be something that says “This Bill provides all school supplies for every teacher in America, period, no excuses.”

Anyway, on a more happier note, I’m introducing yet another series of podcast, this one entitled TECHNO RADIO, which is an homage to my Techno Clubbers newsletter I had back in college.

Be happy, stay positive, and remember, eventually this whole Biff nonsense will be eventually over. We’ve burned the almanac, we just need to save Doc (Sen Sanders), and win in 2020.

Lately I’m listening to the new Afrojack single on repeat, Armin van Buuren’s Ultra 2019 DJ set, and PNL’s new album.

Just finished the Spider-Man DLC episodes, it was great!

Remember, our Earth is fragile, cherish it. Climate Change is real, so let’s push for this Green New Deal.

Until Next Time!