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Very excited by the numerous amount of candidates in the Democratic Primaries for 2020. Just remember, if the party is divided, and not rallied around the best candidate, we may lose again. After bitter 2016, let’s not have a bitter 2020.

I’m making an update because ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL is coming up and I’m doing my yearly PSA about it. If you’re going, have fun, and be safe. Don’t do drugs. Don’t bring your parents anxiety wondering whether or not you will OD. It sounds silly and what not, until it happens to you or those you care about.

Dance because you are high off the music. You do not need to be high off hard drugs. You’ve seen pictures of “before and after” of folks on hard drugs. You don’t want that. Your parents don’t want that. Show them you’re responsible. If they’re letting you go all the way to Miami, don’t take their trust for granted. Don’t roll your eyes when they’re lecturing you. Take off an hour and watch a PBS Frontline documentary special, this subject is not funny.

I’m very excited that the 67th Sebring race is this weekend! Looking forward to the race and checking out all the lap times. There’s also a new F1 documentary on Netflix, it ought to be interesting. We’re also towards the end of The Grand Tour Season 3, which has been extremely fun to watch. Did you know you can play it as a game? It’s available on PS4 and other platforms.

My favorite new show is Whiskey Cavalier, be sure to check it out.

I’m not sure why all my favorite DJs are djin’ at ski resorts lately, but I presume they’re up to some shenanigans.

St Patrick’s Day is this weekend! Please drink responsibly.

My goal is to finish reading The Iliad this month. I’m resuming Assassin’s Creed Origins, amazing plot.

I think Elon Musk just announced his Y model, be sure to check it out!

Lot of Basketball this month! It’s March Madness!

Bumblebee was great! Wonderful origins story, and brought memories of watching the first Transformers movie.

Happy Birthday to Einstein and thus Happy Pi Day! If you figure out the Theory of Everything, (hint, it has to do with a Quantum Taxonomy Tree & Prime Factorization), I will buy you a drink or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage.

Until Next Time!