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Hello there! Fall is almost upon us! It means back to school for a lot of you. That also means a lot of 16-21 yr old drivers on the road. Whenever you see your parents or older siblings who are able to drive with one hand or do something as silly as eat a sandwich while driving, you must remind yourself that these are folks who have been driving, for a very long time. We’re talking ten years, twenty years, even longer. As a result, they’ve “built” their reaction time. They have great hand-eye coordination. You, as a teenager or young college student, do not have that same level of experience. I’m not trying to anger you. I’m just giving you a spiel, so you don’t crash your car in a fender bender or something more dangerous. It takes practice, it takes experience. Therefore, on the first week of getting your driver license, do NOT do 3-4 things while driving. Don’t mess with the radio, apply makeup, or stare at your passenger or backseat…just focus on driving. Focus on the road. Keep your eyes straight. Look left, look right. Remember the 2-sec rule. You can NEVER let your eyes away from the front of the road for more than 1-2 sec. Also, stop fucking texting while driving. Stop it. I want every parent to show their kids that AT&T It can wait video. They won’t listen to you, use a little scare tactic, remind them that they have their own lives in their hands, and those of others on the road. You are now old enough to drive a vehicle, congratulations, but it comes with responsibilities. Also, since you have less than 2-3 years of driving experience and not over 10 years, NEVER drive when you are in a bad mood, or had a bad argument. You will drive recklessly and hit a pole. You can keep watching the local news and think “oh, it happens to others but it won’t happen to me.” Wrong. it just might. Therefore, drive safely. Use 3 sec distance. You want to race? Go to the race track. Sometimes, local PD offer drag races where you can see if your car is faster than them. Remember, CHP is trying to catch organized crime. So when they’re pulling you over because you keep staring at your damn phone while driving, he/she is not a happy camper.

Until Self-Driving Car Level 5 is implemented, that is the reality. You must drive in a way that you always stay vigiliant. Find something that keeps you focus. Especially if you have to drive a long distance. That can be music, talk radio, or whatever have you.

I have a message for Iron Man. Please tell your damn customers to quit sleeping when they engage autonomous driving. Install a loud honk in the vehicle, and disable autonomous driving for 6 months. This is a luxury that must not be taken for granted.

After almost ten years. I finally made a dream come true to go to a race track. The closest one was Laguna Seca, so I had to wait all the way until September to attend the WeatherTech Championship. I was there with my significant other, we had fun, and it was a memorable lifetime experience that I won’t ever forget. These cars were absolutely amazing, and the first time I saw the Prototype cars on the race track I started to cry tears of joy. Ford won their class and beat the evil Ferrari so I was happy. BMW did pretty good too, with 2nd and 5th places. I am now super pumped for the Ford vs Ferrari movie coming out in November. There’s a lot of good movies out there now. I saw “Yesterday” that was pretty good. I really can’t wait for AD ASTRA, it will be an epic, I’m sure.

I saw yet another video of a young black kid being bullied by 3 white kids. That shit has got to stop. Remember that racism gets passed on to the next generation. Therefore, if you hate Mexicans (but still eat tacos, you buffoon), your kid is gonna follow example. If you teach your kids that all brown people are evil, remember the one brown guy who saved your life numerous times is gonna give you an earful next time if you don’t apologize.

The road to 2020 continues for Sen Sanders, Sen Kamala Harris, Sen Warren, and Joe Biden. I’m obviously for Sen Sanders, because he exposes the level of corruption in Washington over 30 years ago. He just been patiently/impatiently waiting to reach the masses to give the common American everything that they need. Free Tuition, $15/hour for restaurant/fast food folks. Immigration justice, Income Inequality. Black people being able to eat skittles without getting shot. There are a lot of issues. You’re unsure? Look at Sen Sanders’ record. Look at what he’s been doing for over 30 years.

Also, can someone do me a favor? Next time you go to a keynote and the person there keeps having quotes like “people are playing checkers instead of chess” and smirking like they’re so cool? Can one of you guys introduce them to the Chinese game of GO? Also, try to beat the computer. AlphaGo is a wonderful documentary.

Also, Elon, keep up the good work with Neuralink. Just remember, only with moderation. This technology is so powerful, in the wrong hands, people could do terrible things.

Nick Bostrom, please write your sequel to SuperIntelligence. I can’t wait to read it.

Thomas Piketty, Merci for going to war against the Billionaire Class. The 99% in the USA don’t speak much French, but I’ll remind them about the English version of your new book in March 2020. We must do everything in our power to fight Income Inequality.

Very recently, Interpol had its annual conference about Human Trafficking in Argentina. They went over a lot of topics but basically, everybody can be of help. Stop listening to gangsters who say don’t rat on this don’t rat on that. Around the world there are thousands of girls, human cattle, sold to the highest bidder. There are a lot of fucking containers at ports. They simply can’t check every single one. If you know something, say something. you can save a life or many. A license plate, a reference number, a location, latitude/longitude, anything. I thank you for your help.

Right now I’m reading through the whole Batman 2016 series comic books, and former SecDef “Mad Dog” Mattis book.

You might not hear many stories about the forgotten women of Afghanistan, but if you actually head over to Al Jazeera, you will witness it since mainstream media completely forgot about them. Remember what happened when USA helped beat the Soviets in the 1980s. Remember what the congressman said “We had won, and then we fucked up the endgame.” So remind yourself as your commanders try to make peace with the Talibans. Explain to them that there must be a future for young people of Afghanistan. They must be allowed to live in Peace. Stop acting like we don’t have the technology to beat the Taliban. we do. So use it. Their ideology is so ancient. The students know it. They want to study and become better version of themselves. Their women have a god-given right to contraception and menstruation education. It is not fair that there are still some women having over a dozen children, when they should only have a handful.

Gotta catch up on Tokyo Game Show news, they’re making a remake of FF7! Also, the genius Kojima’s new game comes out in November.

If you don’t hear this enough, keep up the good work, you can do it. Others may not believe in you, but believe in yourself. In years, your hard work will bring many fruits. Remember, High School is just a blip compared to your entire life. Any kid who bullies you, let your teacher know. You think your teacher is your enemy? You got it wrong. Your teachers are preparing you for life. If you’re old enough, go watch Great Teacher Onizuka.

They made a new kids' TV show about Transformers! It’s not too shabby, it appears that the Transformers Netflix series won’t be out until next year. Come on! I can’t wait.

I’m currently listening to the new Liam Gallagher album. As you may know, I am a huge Oasis fan. I’m so thankful that Liam made a new album, and glad he decided to give an olive branch to his brother Noel. Looking forward to Noel’s album when it comes out and who knows, maybe in the next couple of years, these two will finally bury the hatchet and make an Oasis album again. We can only pray, wish, and dream that it becomes a reality.

Don’t forget to pick up the latest issue of The Economist: Climate Change special. Keep putting the pressure until the Administration follows the Paris Agreement!

climate issue.jpg

College Football is back on, so Go Bucks!

Until Next Time!