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Hi there! Well, before we realized it, our summer is almost over! Enjoy the month of August before September is here. Spend time with your loves ones. I know the news can be aggravating, well, that’s why you gotta organize. There are 3 candidates I like very much: Senator Sanders, Senator Kamala Harris, and Senator Warren. Right now, the 3 of them are fighting their own campaigns, but I hope they join forces and really get us pumped up for 2020. Remember how hard it is for many folks to vote? That’s because there are some forces that don’t want us Democrats to win. That’s why they’re doing gerrymandering. That’s why Election Day isn’t a national holiday yet. That’s why it’s not a popular vote, and an electoral college vote. I’m not asking the Democrats to play dirty like Republicans, but it’s time to show more cojones. The majority of Americans want all these things that Bernie Sanders has been talking about for a whole generation. Things like a decent salary for teachers, so that they don’t have to spend all their savings on school supplies for their students. Things like free tuition. Why do textbooks still cost a million dollars?

If you are young, and are demoralized with the news, then get involved with the local campaigns. Check out Our Revolution and Swing Left. I did it in college, and so did many others. We knocked on doors, we made phone calls, we had flyers, and we as a collective got Obama elected. Remember, you can’t just inspire people to vote, you gotta lead by example, and that means, come election day, you can’t just expect others to vote on your behalf, you have to vote yourself. You have to show up in your district, and you have to vote. I don’t care if your state is overwhelmingly blue or red, you gotta show up. Don’t you realize that Texas can actually turn blue someday? I mean it’s going to happen. It takes time, but many people are ready to rally behind real candidates, not just idiots who just say “Thoughts and Prayers.” We need real policy change. We need to protect the 2nd Amendment so those folks who like to go hunting for deers on the weekend can still do that, but that nobody should own an assault weapon, or at the very least, doesn’t have a scary amount of bullets in their basements. We gotta say it like it is: why do innocent black men keep getting shot by “accident” but White Nationalists / KKK get this free pass? It’s just not fair. We’re not in the 1950s anymore. We must say enough. Enough is enough. The FBI said they will finally go after White Nationalist groups, so it’s time to do so.

I just saw the new Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw, it was amazing! Definitely kept me going until Fast 9 next year. Looking forward to re-watching Avengers: Endgame. It was such a great movie!

I’m currently listening to the new DJ Snake album, and the new Drake release.

I’m reading some Dalai Lama, and the book that’s getting turned into a movie: Ford vs Ferrari.

Until Next Time!