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Hi there, it’s been a while with an update, so here’s one. I was extremely excited to watch the new Spider-Verse movie, I thought it was really good. Both the soundtrack and score are awesome as well.

March Madness is almost upon us! It’s going to be wild, but here’s to hoping that someday, they will finally pay the players of the NCAA, who play for our entertainment, and don’t even get paid. It’s extremely unfair. As someone who has experience with working for free over extended period of time, I can empathize.

I know many of you, along with with myself are still going bonkers over what the Administration does, how embarrassed so many folks of various branches of govt are, and how criticizing in many cases ruin careers, we live in dire times. Thankfully, help is on the way. Part Two of the Blue Wave is here. We have numerous Democratic Candidates for 2020. Whoever wins, just remember, vote for the ticket, don’t fall in the “3rd candidate trap” and give the election away. In addition, hopefully we’ll see VP Pence at the rein sometimes later in 2019, as Mueller finishes his report. The reason why the report is delayed is due to the fact of what we all feared, the multi-level layers of corruptions has completely bewildered the Feds, who find themselves in a situation double if not triple the amount of Watergate. Let’s just say they wouldn’t be able to describe the situation with a 30min speech. Let’s also say a 1000-page paper may sound too convoluted, but necessary. The other issue is, what does it do to moral for a lot of folks? In any case, true Patriots will continue to do their work, as we continue to expose those who are in bed with the Homunculus. If there’s any consolation prize, it appears that Trump diminished the GOP so badly that people have learned their lesson for life. Did you see how people doing their W2 realized that they are getting a lower tax refund than before, while the millionaires get more back? Are you starting to get the message that maybe a 70% tax on the ultra-rich isn’t such a bad idea after all? Yes, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is young, but she has tremendous wisdom. Listen to her. Listen to Bernie too, he’s been beating his drums on many issues for like 20-30+ years. Just be happy, because everybody is getting “schooled” this 2020 election. People are going to wake the F up. They’re going to be like: “yikes, I guess one vote does make a difference.” Also, it is time, it is time for men to admit it’s okay when you have a female superior. It doesn’t make you any less than a man to report to a woman. You can be the greatest supersoldier in the world, guess what, as much as folks criticize Hillary Clinton, you know what she wouldn’t be doing right now? She wouldn’t be golfing in Florida and scaring the shit out of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists with a couple of tweets, she’d be….at work, working. Secretaries of State get down to business, they always engage in diplomacy to keep peace. Yes, it’s great to have all those weapons and talk a big game, but nobody wants World War III, nobody wants M.A.D., we all want peace and stability throughout our world, and that means having “inconvenient conversations.” It means we gotta keep pressing on the fact that Saudis bomb Yemen with American weapons. It means that after 50 years of oppression, maybe it’s time to give a couple pieces of land for Palestinians to live in peace and harmony with the Jews. We know white lives matter, we’re trying to get black lives to matter, and next step is to understand that brown lives matter too.

I got to visit the Aerospace museum for Museum Day in Sacramento. Our city is thriving! There’s still a lot of work to do. Let’s continue to get big things happening. Will the Sacramento Kings long drought finally end? Will they finally make the playoffs? They played the Warriors, whom without being too modest, have a team worthy of the damn NBA USA Olympics team. Thus, there’s still a lot of work to do. It’s possible! My hometown of Stade Rennais (back in France) somehow managed to stay in the Europa league! It’s like the Champions League for Football/Soccer, but kind of like a Secondary Division. Manchester United is still in the Champions League, but PSG won first-leg, so there’s a lot of work to do for the next match up!

It’s Black History Month, I suggest you read on Tuskegee Airmen, and watch The Green Book, great movie. I still need to read Michelle Obama & Kamala Harris’ books before the end of the month.

Listening to three albums right now: 10th anniversary of Drake’s So Far Gone, Formula E The Soundtrack, Palestine Sounds (Spotify), and the OKAMI soundtrack. Found some old Initial D soundtracks too, which are pretty cool. Armin van Buuren just released ASOT 900 album, and I think there’s a new Anjunadeep album from Above & Beyond’s record label.

I’m not trying to be funny, but I know many folks who are completely stressed out, how to say this: “just want to go home and play Red Dead Redemption II.” I can empathize. I have a ton of work to do, and quite frankly I just want to play some Gran Turismo. Anyway, we all have responsibilities. Keep working hard, keep doing a good job. Maybe not a lot of people know, but those who love you, and those close to you know. Remember, Trump golfing and tweeting isn’t “saving the world,” the 200-some forces left along with European Forces in Syria are the ones trying to save the world.

You might be a teacher, and feel overwhelmed by a crowd of young kids who rather stare at their instagrams than listen to your lectures. It’s ok. There are many students of yours who will listen, and forever be thankful for you. Shoutout to my Biology Teacher. Shoutout to my English Teacher. Shoutout to my French Teacher. Shoutout to my Econ Teacher. Shoutout to all the teachers who believe in their students who will grow up to do big things.

Looks like Jon Stewart continued to keep pressing. Thank God for Jon Stewart.

Don’t forget FuelFest in LA is coming up soon! I really want to meet Caleb and Tyrese someday.

Once again, it’s Black History Month, so be forever thankful. Why? Because there is something that you must always remember. Every black man in America who gets pulled over for a busted taillight has a different experience than a white person that gets pulled over for the same thing. That is our reality, and it is the difficult conversation that we all need to have. It’s a tough conversation, but we as a nation must have that conversation. Thus, let’s reflect, and remember this, let’s continue to find ways to deal with this.

We still have a while until the SR-72 is ready (or at least, that’s the official word), but I hope to visit the SR-71 at the Smithsonian one of these days! Definitely the most badass American plane.

Until Next Time!