After listening to Nicky Romero's Protocol Radio 300, I found the motivation to resume JETLAG RADIO. I won't do it for the same reason(s) as before, I'm doing it for myself, not to impress anyone, and to please whoever likes listening to it, assuming there's anyone listening. I have a thousand followers on Twitter, but hardly anyone has tweeted me with feedback. I think I'll try to have DMs open and see. Also, if you do enjoy these music playlists, please support me on Patreon. Even just $1 help.

Please realize that my number one priority is my career, working in Technology, and my Health. It does not mean I do not love the blog any less, these are just my priorities. I love music, but I love being in Tech too. It's work/life balance. The blog and the playlists are what I do for fun, as a way to express myself emotionally, and can be considered as art therapy. If I can allocate enough free time to release 1 or 2 playlists per month, I am content.

I remember when all my favorite DJs started having their podcasts, I used to dream, man, wouldn't it be cool if I had one? I could do it, and try to tell a story. 5 episodes turned into 10. 15. 20. 25. Eventually I hit 50 episodes. I can't stop at 73, that's such a weird number. It is the number of years since the end of WW2. I am close to 75, I'm not going to deny, I want to hit a 100 milestone.

But I also want to kickstart BENKYO/BENKYOU? RADIO. This is because I want a playlist with more instrumentals and less loud banging music, perfect for heavy concentration study mode. To give an example, as much as I love complextro from Heatbeat, I can't really do a deep dive complicated analysis of something or do some project management exercises while listening to that. I need a more mellow sound, like something from Armada Chill or Spinnin Records Chill. Also, the name BENKYO/BENKYOU because it means study study study! You should always be in learning mode.

Also, as taken inspiration from someone, I want to start quoting passages from my favorite book, the Tao Te Ching. And for that, I need to go back to a number 001 for its first passage. The reason why it's my favorite reading is because of the quote "The journey to a thousand miles begins with a single step."

My birthday is in less than 10 days. I'm not going to party hard in Vegas (not that I wouldn't want to, but unfortunately not this year). I did that for my 30th, I got to see Afrojack (please visit Sacramento), and it was amazing. While I'd love something fancy like new Pioneer or AIAIAI headphones, or even Ableton. I just want a greeting card signed from everybody I care about, and maybe a book or some coffee? I am also raising awareness for charity: water, my favorite NGO other than MSF. I'd like to raise $350 to give clean water to 11 people in Africa. Here's a link.

My voter registration info came in the mail. Cannot wait for the primaries in June. Get ready for these midterms in November, y'all, because it is on like Donkey Kong.

Dada Life is coming to Sacramento later this month. I'm so hyped!

Sorry to Drake for the Raptors losing, don't forget you're still one of the best rappers out there, and we're all waiting for your new album. I need to catch up on OVOSOUND RADIO because there are some amazing songs on there I had never heard before. I really like "Guatemala" by Swae Lee. I've been listening to it on repeat. My iPhone cover is still OVOSOUND owl, you already know.


Lastly, I really want to thank Armin van Buuren for the song Therapy. As part of the millions of people worldwide who deal with Mental Health, it's great to have a song that resonate with us. Therapy is not a joke, it's not banter. It's going deep into extremely intimate and deep personal thoughts. It takes years to build rapport, to be able to discuss these emotions.

Therapy and medications are why I have been stable for 7 years now.

The fact that a DJ that I admire made a song about it, it means the world to me.

Thank you, Armin.

Until Next Time!