JETLAG RADIO 062 | 063 | 064 | 10-01-17

Hi. Here are playlists 062, 063, and just added 064, well, at least on Spotify. There's a bug in iOS 11 and I can't seem to share the playlist among my MacBook/iPhone/iPad. I hope they fix it, because if not, my next phone won't be iPhone X, it will be the next Google Pixel phone (Update: iOS bug is now fixed, playlist 064 is also available on @AppleMusic now! =)

The first track from 064 is the latest single from DJ Snake. I'm super proud of this frenchman for realizing his dream, and playing his new track from the top of the Arc de Triomphe.

There is another track I would like to point out. It's a classic by the Chemical Brothers, it is entitled "Loops of Fury," it was featured on the soundtrack from the videogame Wipeout XL, also known as Wipeout 2097 in Europe.


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I'm immensely excited about Manchester United being back in the UCL. It's been way too damn long, and I hope we get very far. I managed to hit my goal to read 52 books for the year. I encourage all of you to rekindle your love with reading. I remember in High School when I used to hate reading. Too often, we'd want to read Cliff Notes or Spark Notes. Now going back, revisiting these amazing novels, classics, and other stories or history books...I have immense respect for these teachers who have been trying so hard to train us for the journey that is life. Thus, read a book, you might learn something. While you might hate your teacher today, 10-20 years later, you will be forever thankful. I just picked up a few books from the bookstore, including Al Gore's "Truth to Power" (Climate Change). The Library is always a great place too, I was always there in college.

Playlist 064 is synonymous with a 64-bit microprocessor, whether Intel or AMD. It is the power of a computer. Ah, computers...companies now working towards Artificial Intelligence (super excited about Intel's $1 Billion investment announcement on AI)...Quantum Computing...Nanotechnology... It is a peculiar technology, one that can bring many fruits. While it's true that it can be quite scary (Elon is warning us about this), it can also help us with a lot of things. It can help people who are missing limbs, deaf of hearing, blind, diabetes, cancer, or even mental health. If you recall my blogpost for Playlist 046, I mentioned how "computer models for Earth 2050 look like something out of a scary video-game." Climate Change is a direct threat to our planet, to our very existence. Therefore, when we get some recent hurricanes which cause alarming devastation, which are directly as a result of climate change, and the EPA has yet to release a report regarding this...I mean c'mon. Can we mail you a copy of Al Gore's new bluray documentary?

Basketball season is upon us, and I look forward to returning to the Golden 1 Center and watch the Sacramento Kings for a few games. If they play the Cavs, I hope to attend. I just got NBA 2K18 and I'm pumped. Speaking of which, I need to play some basketball, it's been too long.

Gran Turismo Sport comes out this month on PS4, I'm so excited!

Until Next Time!