JETLAG RADIO 045 | 09-22-16

Hello. I've just added playlist 045. Here below is the first track, Calvin Harris has a new single, and he's singing on it, which is amazing. I hope he continues to sing on future releases, because he's an amazing vocalist. I know he wants to stick to production-only, but he has a great voice.

I had like almost 300 songs to put on the playlist but I decided to trim it down. You'll see the rest along with other future new music in Playlist 46.

Mr Robot season 2 finale was intense! Now I need to catch up on Halt & Catch Fire Season 2 & 3, and there's also StartUp TV show on Crackle (that portal where you can watch Jerry Seinfeld's Comedian & Cars getting coffee). There's still a while until HBO's Silicon Valley returns...

Here are two albums I'm listening to a lot right now that are really good. First, LTN & Arielle Maren's Momentum. Second, Gemini's Wanderlust.

is going on a North American Tour!!!

She's the vocalist behind the song "Lean On" (along with Major Lazer). She is extremely talented. I can't wait for her new album.


Until next time!