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Hello there, just a new update. I got to see the U.S. Navy Blue Angels over the weekend, and that was a lot of fun. The purpose of this blog post is to remind you that many of you want to just skip ahead and become a big dog. You can’t just skip ahead. It takes a lot of practicing and discipline. The best metaphor I have for you is that in the Anime Bleach, Ichigo sees a “Menos” for the first time, and is completely bewildered by how massive and scary that thing is. It took a long time for him to be able to fight one. Similarly, one man (or woman) cannot go after the top 1% of the 1%. There’s a lot of rhetoric, and they take us for idiots. While they all get rich “and laugh to the bank.” Remember a while back, when Facebook CEO was having an inquiry, he just sat there for 3 hours, didn’t know what to say, during those 3 hours, the stock went up, and he made millions. In retrospect, Mark Zuckerberg finally admitted that no one should have that many billions of dollars. He finally understand what Bernie Sanders has been talking about for 30 years, and how we need a redistribution of Wealth. Also, many of you may be upset that Obama is awfully quiet during this Election Season, but pay close attention to what he’s doing. He’s raising awareness about the importance of voting. He also echoed the problem of Gerrymandering. And the worse offender of all, the fact that percentage-wise, it takes longer for Black People to vote at the voting booth than White People. This fact along is fucked-up beyond recognition. This must change in time for 2020 Elections. If a white person can go to the library and vote in 25 minutes, a black person shouldn’t have to take 3 buses and wait 4 hours in line to vote. What the fuck is this? The 1960s? We must change this in time for the next election.

I’m so excited that my favorite French Rap group “IAM” is releasing a new album in November. They’re essentially the French equivalent of Wu-Tang Clan. Speaking of Wu-Tang, their Hulu series is awesome, be sure to check it out.

Anyway, keep working hard, and stop tormenting kids at your school because they have pimples or weight a little bit more than you. If you bully someone at school, it will come back to bite you. I’m not messing around. If you are perplexed, go to your counselor’s office and ask him or her to let you borrow some tapes of “Scared Straight.”

If you own a Mac, don’t forget to download Catalina OS, so that your computer is more secure, on a funny note, check out the FMP:F episode about Catalina. You’ll get a good kick out of it.

I started to read Thomas Piketty’s new book. It’s a challenging 1,200 pages, but I’m looking forward to it. I’m also done reading Superman comic books, so next is Batman vs Superman, and Justice League. Folks fighting between Marvel and DC is pointless, we all love comic books, so just get along.

Best of luck to the Ford GT at Petit LeMans!!!

Until Next Time!


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Hello there! Fall is almost upon us! It means back to school for a lot of you. That also means a lot of 16-21 yr old drivers on the road. Whenever you see your parents or older siblings who are able to drive with one hand or do something as silly as eat a sandwich while driving, you must remind yourself that these are folks who have been driving, for a very long time. We’re talking ten years, twenty years, even longer. As a result, they’ve “built” their reaction time. They have great hand-eye coordination. You, as a teenager or young college student, do not have that same level of experience. I’m not trying to anger you. I’m just giving you a spiel, so you don’t crash your car in a fender bender or something more dangerous. It takes practice, it takes experience. Therefore, on the first week of getting your driver license, do NOT do 3-4 things while driving. Don’t mess with the radio, apply makeup, or stare at your passenger or backseat…just focus on driving. Focus on the road. Keep your eyes straight. Look left, look right. Remember the 2-sec rule. You can NEVER let your eyes away from the front of the road for more than 1-2 sec. Also, stop fucking texting while driving. Stop it. I want every parent to show their kids that AT&T It can wait video. They won’t listen to you, use a little scare tactic, remind them that they have their own lives in their hands, and those of others on the road. You are now old enough to drive a vehicle, congratulations, but it comes with responsibilities. Also, since you have less than 2-3 years of driving experience and not over 10 years, NEVER drive when you are in a bad mood, or had a bad argument. You will drive recklessly and hit a pole. You can keep watching the local news and think “oh, it happens to others but it won’t happen to me.” Wrong. it just might. Therefore, drive safely. Use 3 sec distance. You want to race? Go to the race track. Sometimes, local PD offer drag races where you can see if your car is faster than them. Remember, CHP is trying to catch organized crime. So when they’re pulling you over because you keep staring at your damn phone while driving, he/she is not a happy camper.

Until Self-Driving Car Level 5 is implemented, that is the reality. You must drive in a way that you always stay vigiliant. Find something that keeps you focus. Especially if you have to drive a long distance. That can be music, talk radio, or whatever have you.

I have a message for Iron Man. Please tell your damn customers to quit sleeping when they engage autonomous driving. Install a loud honk in the vehicle, and disable autonomous driving for 6 months. This is a luxury that must not be taken for granted.

After almost ten years. I finally made a dream come true to go to a race track. The closest one was Laguna Seca, so I had to wait all the way until September to attend the WeatherTech Championship. I was there with my significant other, we had fun, and it was a memorable lifetime experience that I won’t ever forget. These cars were absolutely amazing, and the first time I saw the Prototype cars on the race track I started to cry tears of joy. Ford won their class and beat the evil Ferrari so I was happy. BMW did pretty good too, with 2nd and 5th places. I am now super pumped for the Ford vs Ferrari movie coming out in November. There’s a lot of good movies out there now. I saw “Yesterday” that was pretty good. I really can’t wait for AD ASTRA, it will be an epic, I’m sure.

I saw yet another video of a young black kid being bullied by 3 white kids. That shit has got to stop. Remember that racism gets passed on to the next generation. Therefore, if you hate Mexicans (but still eat tacos, you buffoon), your kid is gonna follow example. If you teach your kids that all brown people are evil, remember the one brown guy who saved your life numerous times is gonna give you an earful next time if you don’t apologize.

The road to 2020 continues for Sen Sanders, Sen Kamala Harris, Sen Warren, and Joe Biden. I’m obviously for Sen Sanders, because he exposes the level of corruption in Washington over 30 years ago. He just been patiently/impatiently waiting to reach the masses to give the common American everything that they need. Free Tuition, $15/hour for restaurant/fast food folks. Immigration justice, Income Inequality. Black people being able to eat skittles without getting shot. There are a lot of issues. You’re unsure? Look at Sen Sanders’ record. Look at what he’s been doing for over 30 years.

Also, can someone do me a favor? Next time you go to a keynote and the person there keeps having quotes like “people are playing checkers instead of chess” and smirking like they’re so cool? Can one of you guys introduce them to the Chinese game of GO? Also, try to beat the computer. AlphaGo is a wonderful documentary.

Also, Elon, keep up the good work with Neuralink. Just remember, only with moderation. This technology is so powerful, in the wrong hands, people could do terrible things.

Nick Bostrom, please write your sequel to SuperIntelligence. I can’t wait to read it.

Thomas Piketty, Merci for going to war against the Billionaire Class. The 99% in the USA don’t speak much French, but I’ll remind them about the English version of your new book in March 2020. We must do everything in our power to fight Income Inequality.

Very recently, Interpol had its annual conference about Human Trafficking in Argentina. They went over a lot of topics but basically, everybody can be of help. Stop listening to gangsters who say don’t rat on this don’t rat on that. Around the world there are thousands of girls, human cattle, sold to the highest bidder. There are a lot of fucking containers at ports. They simply can’t check every single one. If you know something, say something. you can save a life or many. A license plate, a reference number, a location, latitude/longitude, anything. I thank you for your help.

Right now I’m reading through the whole Batman 2016 series comic books, and former SecDef “Mad Dog” Mattis book.

You might not hear many stories about the forgotten women of Afghanistan, but if you actually head over to Al Jazeera, you will witness it since mainstream media completely forgot about them. Remember what happened when USA helped beat the Soviets in the 1980s. Remember what the congressman said “We had won, and then we fucked up the endgame.” So remind yourself as your commanders try to make peace with the Talibans. Explain to them that there must be a future for young people of Afghanistan. They must be allowed to live in Peace. Stop acting like we don’t have the technology to beat the Taliban. we do. So use it. Their ideology is so ancient. The students know it. They want to study and become better version of themselves. Their women have a god-given right to contraception and menstruation education. It is not fair that there are still some women having over a dozen children, when they should only have a handful.

Gotta catch up on Tokyo Game Show news, they’re making a remake of FF7! Also, the genius Kojima’s new game comes out in November.

If you don’t hear this enough, keep up the good work, you can do it. Others may not believe in you, but believe in yourself. In years, your hard work will bring many fruits. Remember, High School is just a blip compared to your entire life. Any kid who bullies you, let your teacher know. You think your teacher is your enemy? You got it wrong. Your teachers are preparing you for life. If you’re old enough, go watch Great Teacher Onizuka.

They made a new kids' TV show about Transformers! It’s not too shabby, it appears that the Transformers Netflix series won’t be out until next year. Come on! I can’t wait.

I’m currently listening to the new Liam Gallagher album. As you may know, I am a huge Oasis fan. I’m so thankful that Liam made a new album, and glad he decided to give an olive branch to his brother Noel. Looking forward to Noel’s album when it comes out and who knows, maybe in the next couple of years, these two will finally bury the hatchet and make an Oasis album again. We can only pray, wish, and dream that it becomes a reality.

Don’t forget to pick up the latest issue of The Economist: Climate Change special. Keep putting the pressure until the Administration follows the Paris Agreement!

climate issue.jpg

College Football is back on, so Go Bucks!

Until Next Time!


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Hi there! Well, before we realized it, our summer is almost over! Enjoy the month of August before September is here. Spend time with your loves ones. I know the news can be aggravating, well, that’s why you gotta organize. There are 3 candidates I like very much: Senator Sanders, Senator Kamala Harris, and Senator Warren. Right now, the 3 of them are fighting their own campaigns, but I hope they join forces and really get us pumped up for 2020. Remember how hard it is for many folks to vote? That’s because there are some forces that don’t want us Democrats to win. That’s why they’re doing gerrymandering. That’s why Election Day isn’t a national holiday yet. That’s why it’s not a popular vote, and an electoral college vote. I’m not asking the Democrats to play dirty like Republicans, but it’s time to show more cojones. The majority of Americans want all these things that Bernie Sanders has been talking about for a whole generation. Things like a decent salary for teachers, so that they don’t have to spend all their savings on school supplies for their students. Things like free tuition. Why do textbooks still cost a million dollars?

If you are young, and are demoralized with the news, then get involved with the local campaigns. Check out Our Revolution and Swing Left. I did it in college, and so did many others. We knocked on doors, we made phone calls, we had flyers, and we as a collective got Obama elected. Remember, you can’t just inspire people to vote, you gotta lead by example, and that means, come election day, you can’t just expect others to vote on your behalf, you have to vote yourself. You have to show up in your district, and you have to vote. I don’t care if your state is overwhelmingly blue or red, you gotta show up. Don’t you realize that Texas can actually turn blue someday? I mean it’s going to happen. It takes time, but many people are ready to rally behind real candidates, not just idiots who just say “Thoughts and Prayers.” We need real policy change. We need to protect the 2nd Amendment so those folks who like to go hunting for deers on the weekend can still do that, but that nobody should own an assault weapon, or at the very least, doesn’t have a scary amount of bullets in their basements. We gotta say it like it is: why do innocent black men keep getting shot by “accident” but White Nationalists / KKK get this free pass? It’s just not fair. We’re not in the 1950s anymore. We must say enough. Enough is enough. The FBI said they will finally go after White Nationalist groups, so it’s time to do so.

I just saw the new Fast & Furious: Hobbs and Shaw, it was amazing! Definitely kept me going until Fast 9 next year. Looking forward to re-watching Avengers: Endgame. It was such a great movie!

I’m currently listening to the new DJ Snake album, and the new Drake release.

I’m reading some Dalai Lama, and the book that’s getting turned into a movie: Ford vs Ferrari.

Until Next Time!


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Hello there. It’s July! It’s Summer in full-force. I would like to remind you to use your AC with moderation. Unbeknownst to us, between July and August is when a lot of us use a lot of AC to stay cool, and unfortunately, this causes power grids to go bonkers and shut down. Therefore, try to open the windows, and only turn on the AC when you absolutely need it. Last thing we need are massive power outages because everybody is running the AC. In any case, be sure to check on the elderly and young ones, that they are not too hot, and that they are properly hydrated. Stay in the shades. Stay hydrated. Drink water. You should always prepare before the power goes out.

Various libraries are having summer reading programs. If you have a hard time getting a young one or teenager to get into reading, it’s quite simple. Just find a novel or book they are interested in reading. Then offer them the next book, if they finish their summer reading. Do it soon, do it early. Nobody likes to wait until the last week before September to read the book and finish that book report.

I’m not trying to be a jackass, but you need to keep reminding your young ones about the importance of a good education. Don’t let them slip through the cracks. The reason being, no matter what happens to you, once you graduate, they can never take that away from you. You have a good day, or a bad day? You’ll still have that on your resume. Also, stop freaking out that you didn’t get into your top school (I didn’t get into MIT, but I graduated from The Ohio State University). Public colleges are just as amazing as Ivy Leagues. Don’t be embarrassed about Community College. It should fuel your motivation to transfer to a 4-yr school, if that’s what you’d like to do. Governor Gavin Newsom is planning some big things to make college more affordable for Californians. Take advantage of this. Don’t be disillusioned by quick get-rich-quick money schemes. Focus on your education. Flipping burgers might be infuriating as a teenager, but it will teach you the value of work. Remember my old story of pushing carts in the snow as a Bagger in Ohio? That kind of experience reminds you that you gotta study. Don’t rely on parents forever, because the reason why they invest in you is because someday they expect you to take care of them. Make them proud. You can’t live in a basement playing Xbox and get high forever. Get to work. Do big things. We have amazing young people around the world doing great things.

My biggest concern with so many topics that everybody around the world discuss, is that progress is slow, almost like a snail. Why is that? Well, that’s why voting is important. Stop acting like all the candidates are the same and that “nothing matters” and “all I care about are my taxes.” What’s the point of low taxes, if you can’t pay your bills? If you can’t afford to send your kid to college? You want to have kids? Do you know how much it costs to have a woman in labor in the hospital for a few weeks? Don’t you understand why maybe Healthcare needs revamped?

The Truth is Out There. But, it was right there in front of you. Bernie Sanders has been talking about it for like 40 years. But nobody listened because he was “old” and had mad hair, and people thought he was just yelling at Congress hearings. Well, what happened in 2019? All the other democratic candidates are talking about all these wonderful initiatives like free tuition, medicare for all, immigrants rights, take on Wall Street, so on and so forth. Good Job, boys and girls, but Bernie has been talking about this for 30 years. Where were you all this time? Talk is cheap. We need action. We need policy change. While the Neo-Conservatives almost caused a war in Iran, Senator Sanders wrote an article in Foreign Affairs explaining why (a war with Iran) would be a stupid idea.

We gotta take on the Oil-Cartels. We just gotta do it. Follow in Elon Musk’s footsteps. Keep pushing for EVs and better public transportation. We don’t need to be at the mercy of Oil forever and ever. This is America. Not Saudi Arabia. If you don’t agree, keep driving your hummers with 5 miles to the gallon. But I believe this nonsense has to stop. We gotta remove our dependence from Fossil Fuels.

If you don’t do it for yourself, at least do it for your kids, or your future grandkids.

Dear Leaders of Technology, let’s try this. Can you create some VR video of cities leveled by water, and have a keynote speech at the UN? Maybe if the Administration saw DC underwater, they’d get with the program. Senator Warren had a hearing, she talked to Military Leaders. Our military bases are at risk of being under water. Some fighter jets were damaged and had to be redirected.

I’m trying to stay polite, not that this blog is PG-rated, but I must use the word: Climate Change, is a big fucking deal. So, if you have the power to do something about it, do it, if you think I’m talking about you, I am. The whole G7/G20 is on board, except for you. Don’t wait, just do it.

I am so excited about Armin van Buuren’s new GAIA release “Moons of Jupiter.” My hat is off to you. It’s been so many years since I’ve seen you in concert in Columbus. I love listening to your podcast, and I can’t wait for you to hit 1000 episodes.

I considered J. Cole in the doghouse because of the disrespect of his last album (Who the F names artist “kiLL Edwards?). I will give his new album a listen, hopefully he learned his lesson. Looks like Future also asking for forgiveness in his latest album, I might check it out. Just remember. You guys don’t think you are role models, but you are. So stop glorifying hard drugs to all these young teenagers who listen to your music.

Try to mature a bit. You’ve heard of Dre right? Wu-Tang Clan? They reach millions and millions of people. When you have that kind of gravitas, suddenly you understand what you can do with that power. So, instead of “yeah-yeah-yeah I got a million dollar gold chain” how about “I just heard about T.I. working in conjunction with African-American legislators to do something about mass incarceration and other issues.”

Remember that “Multipliers” book. If you have a multiplier, use it for good. I told you it’s a big responsibility.

Catch-22 on Hulu provided an important story that everybody needs to watch. Looking forward to Stranger Things Season 3. Looks like Jack Ryan season 2 is coming soon.

X-Men Dark Phoenix was great, the ending definitely made me cry. I’m not embarrassed to say. Just saw the new Spider-Man: Far From Home, it was superb! Plus, we are less than a month away from the new Fast & Furious.

Hope everybody had a great Independence Day! I got to see the fireworks at the local Baseball stadium, it was awesome.

Until Next Time!


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Hello there. It’s already June! That means that summer is upon us. And with that, comes triple-digit weather. Let’s heed the warnings from our Firefighters. We are not messing around this fire season. We gotta cut the power in the region they deem necessary. Nobody wants another repeat of previous fire seasons. Let us learn from those mistakes. Let’s hope our governor Gavin Newsom show his might, as he goes toe-to-toe with PG&E, and stress the problem at hand. Yes there will be some fires, but we don’t want it to escalate out of proportion, and see those insane photos from the past 2 years in the New York Times or the Washington Post. I’d like to take this time to please ask you, whether you are religious or not, to take a moment to please have them in your thoughts, whether you believe in the power of prayer, or meditation, or knock on wood, or cross your fingers, or whatever little routine you have, because remember, while we go to our jobs, those men and women will be wearing heavy gear, fighting fire in crazy heat. I hope they have every tool at their disposals. If not, let’s make sure Congress and the Administration gives our California firefighters everything that they need.

Very excited for some summer movies, including the upcoming Fast & Furious. There’s the new Spider-Man, but before that, there’s a new X-Men movie.

It’s E3 2019! There will be plenty of announcements…I really hope we don’t have to wait another decade to politely ask for Half Life 3 (evidently it doesn’t make a ton of money like other Steam microtransactions games so that’s why Gabe isn’t doing it, what a shame). Unreal Tournament is still in Alpha mode…(evidently they rather focus on Fort Nite).

I’m playing Resident Evil 2 remake. Play this, and you will reminisce the first time you’ve heard of the evil Umbrella Corporation. Can’t wait to see Leon & Claire fight their way through this!

NBA Finals on TV. Let’s root for the underdog! Go Raptors!!!

Remember to stay hydrated this summer, it will be very hot, and don’t let those little ones nor pets in the car while you stop to do errands. Just don’t do it. It’s too damn hot!

If you’re out of the school for the summer, congrats! Enjoy! But remember, parents and teachers expect you back in the fall in one piece, so please, when driving, have a DD, take an Uber/Lyft/Cab/Train/Bus, etc. They’ve recently invented an ingenious beer from a few labels It’s called 0.0. It has the same taste of beer, but with 0% alcohol! So if there’s a night you’re the DD, drink a 0.0 beer, for your safety, and those around you. Don’t underestimate how important this is! While I’m at it, please remember to always wear that seatbelt. You saw the statistics during MDW2019. It’s crucial to always wear a seatbelt.

Le Mans 24hrs race is this month! can’t wait!

Until Next Time!


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  • Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Mozilla releases patches for ZombieLoad chip flaws [TechCrunch]

  • The economic argument behind the Green New Deal [MIT Tech Review]

  • Google Keynote (Google I/O’19) [Google Developers]

  • WWDC19 [Apple]

  • Microsoft Build [MS]

I saw Avengers: Endgame last week. It was really good. I highly recommend watching it as soon as you can, because spoilers are everywhere. It’s great to see that Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.S. has returned to television as well. Lately I’m listening to the Logic new album (did you know that he released a new album, then a few weeks later, yet another album?). I’m reading Spider-Man comic books along with books on a wide spectrum of topics.

I’m very excited that The Panama Papers documentary is available on Hulu. It’s a very important story about 2 journalists who uncovered how the Big Rich were hiding billions of dollars.

Here’s a reminder to be nice to your peers, because you never know what they’re going through. It’s Mental Health Week, so be mindful of others. Engage in types of activities that brings you calm and comfort.

Here is the monthly reminder that Climate Change is getting seriously dangerous. So please, enough chit-chat, we know it’s because of the stronghold of the Big Oil cartels that no one is willing to speak out. We need to have our David & Goliath moment. Elon Musk can’t be the only one pushing for EV. I want all my favorite car manufacturers to push for EV in a big way. It’s not that we need to do this, it’s that we have to do this. It’s time to get it together. Also, it’s time to release cars with gasoline powered 50-100 miles per gallon. Don’t say “we don’t have the technology” because we do. Big Oil just wanted to make more money.

Love seeing the coverage of the Democratic candidates, just remember we’re all on the same team and we all want to win in 2020.

Anyway, I’ve just released a ton of podcasts, hope you enjoy.

Until Next Time!


  • AUTO #26 [FIA]

  • Event Horizon Telescope releases first ever black hole image [Astronomy]

  • Is the world ready for a new generation of hypersonic missiles? [The Economist]

  • You can now listen to Apple Podcasts directly on the web [The Verge]

  • Bernie Sanders’ Medicare-for-all, explained [Vox]

  • Falcon Heavy’s first real launch is the dawn of a new heavy-lift era in space [Techcrunch]

  • Boston Dynamics buys a better brain for its robots [MIT Tech Review]

  • Oracle and IBM are officially out of a race for a key $10 billion defense contract as Amazon and Microsoft move ahead [Business Insider]

  • Video Assistant Referees (VAR) [FIFA]

  • Green New Deal (read the entire 14 pages) [NPR]

  • Sac Republic: An Open Letter to MLS Commissioner Don Garber [Indomitable City Soccer]

I feel demoralized for the Democrats, who played by the rules, only to get jinxed. We won the House of Representatives, and we somehow remain powerless. We had a Mueller report released on the anniversary of Nixon’s demise, but it was not enough. We demanded his tax returns, even that is falling through. I really thought Maxine was going to get up from her chair and slap that guy today. The light at the end of the tunnel is almost here. We all know the reason why all these elections get rigged. It’s because we make it complicated for minorities in some districts to vote. When I go to vote, I can go early, and it takes less than 30 minutes. Why does a young minority have to spend 5 hours in Florida and then be deny vote due to a “faulty” machine? This is ridiculous. Also, Electoral College. In many previous elections, the person who got the Popular Vote didn’t get the win. That’s not fair. Americans love our sports. In most sports, the team with the most points win. Democrats have the most votes, but because of these ridiculous “gerrymandering” maps from the Middle Ages, we get stuck with this nonsense. Stop yanking our chain. Enough is enough.

Listen to (Barack) Obama, who is listening to his wife Michelle. You wouldn’t dress the way your grandparents would want, or the music they listen to, so why would you throw away your right to vote? Cherish it. You can really make a difference. Look at our demise. The system is so messed up that we have to vote in overwhelming fashion just to win. Even though we have the best players, and the best teammates.

Why wouldn’t healthcare or education be more affordable or free? I was watching a movie yesterday and there’s a scene that made me cry. It was about a woman who got her college acceptance letter, and the guy asked her why isn’t she excited? She said because her parents couldn’t afford to send her to school. That’s messed up. There are countless of kids out there who want to go to school, and the system is denying them that opportunity. That is plain wrong.

Let me say that I have a whole lot of respect for a profession that all of us despise. That job is being a referee. When you think about it, a lot of these folks in high places have to play referee. There is often two sides who want to go at it, and there’s a person in the middle who has to remind them that there is a better way. A way to compromise. A way to do something for the greater good. Everybody got upset at our new governor Gavin Newsom for trying to abolish the death penalty in California. But then they asked him, and he frankly responded “he couldn’t sleep at night.” Do you see now? The importance of having a conscience?

You have a choice. You can listen to the rapper who “floss” on instagram and stacks of tens of thousands of dollars. Or you can listen to the rapper who put his pride aside, made peace with another rapper he was beefing with, and became a strong advocate against mass incarcerations.

To any politicians and elected officials: If you stay mute on the Extreme-Right, then you are complicit with the Extreme-Right.

Do we want to waste our time with small weed drug offenders, or do we want to go after Big Pharma who exploited and made billions off the opioid epidemic?

I’m not diabetic, but when I heard insulin shots cost hundreds of dollars, and some folks had to go out of the country to get some affordable ones…I mean this is embarrassing.

Why do we praise and give billions of dollars to companies like JUUL who gets kids addicted to smoking, instead of paying our teachers decent salaries so they wouldn’t have to beg on gofundme pages just to afford school supplies? On the ballot in 2020 should be something that says “This Bill provides all school supplies for every teacher in America, period, no excuses.”

Anyway, on a more happier note, I’m introducing yet another series of podcast, this one entitled TECHNO RADIO, which is an homage to my Techno Clubbers newsletter I had back in college.

Be happy, stay positive, and remember, eventually this whole Biff nonsense will be eventually over. We’ve burned the almanac, we just need to save Doc (Sen Sanders), and win in 2020.

Lately I’m listening to the new Afrojack single on repeat, Armin van Buuren’s Ultra 2019 DJ set, and PNL’s new album.

Just finished the Spider-Man DLC episodes, it was great!

Remember, our Earth is fragile, cherish it. Climate Change is real, so let’s push for this Green New Deal.

Until Next Time!


  • Astronomers just mapped the inside of a supernova [Astronomy Magazine]

  • Quantum computing should supercharge this machine-learning technique [MIT Tech Review]

  • How economic inequality might affect a society’s well-being [PBS News Hour]

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  • Countries look at ways to tinker with Earth’s thermostat [The Economist]

  • Strategy Needs Creativity [HBR]

  • Life probably exists beyond Earth. So how do we find it? [Nat Geo]

Very excited by the numerous amount of candidates in the Democratic Primaries for 2020. Just remember, if the party is divided, and not rallied around the best candidate, we may lose again. After bitter 2016, let’s not have a bitter 2020.

I’m making an update because ULTRA MUSIC FESTIVAL is coming up and I’m doing my yearly PSA about it. If you’re going, have fun, and be safe. Don’t do drugs. Don’t bring your parents anxiety wondering whether or not you will OD. It sounds silly and what not, until it happens to you or those you care about.

Dance because you are high off the music. You do not need to be high off hard drugs. You’ve seen pictures of “before and after” of folks on hard drugs. You don’t want that. Your parents don’t want that. Show them you’re responsible. If they’re letting you go all the way to Miami, don’t take their trust for granted. Don’t roll your eyes when they’re lecturing you. Take off an hour and watch a PBS Frontline documentary special, this subject is not funny.

I’m very excited that the 67th Sebring race is this weekend! Looking forward to the race and checking out all the lap times. There’s also a new F1 documentary on Netflix, it ought to be interesting. We’re also towards the end of The Grand Tour Season 3, which has been extremely fun to watch. Did you know you can play it as a game? It’s available on PS4 and other platforms.

My favorite new show is Whiskey Cavalier, be sure to check it out.

I’m not sure why all my favorite DJs are djin’ at ski resorts lately, but I presume they’re up to some shenanigans.

St Patrick’s Day is this weekend! Please drink responsibly.

My goal is to finish reading The Iliad this month. I’m resuming Assassin’s Creed Origins, amazing plot.

I think Elon Musk just announced his Y model, be sure to check it out!

Lot of Basketball this month! It’s March Madness!

Bumblebee was great! Wonderful origins story, and brought memories of watching the first Transformers movie.

Happy Birthday to Einstein and thus Happy Pi Day! If you figure out the Theory of Everything, (hint, it has to do with a Quantum Taxonomy Tree & Prime Factorization), I will buy you a drink or your favorite non-alcoholic beverage.

Until Next Time!


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  • Capcom Adds A Ton Of Game Soundtracks to Spotify [comicbook]

  • Israel’s attorney-general is expected to announce additional corruption indictments against Mr. Netanyahu [The Economist]

  • White Nationalism: The Chilling History of American Nazi Supporters [New Yorker]

  • The real story of the Green Book, the guide that changed how black people traveled in America [Vox]

  • Evasion Fiscale: UBS condamnée à une amende record de 3,7 milliards d’euros [Le Monde]

  • FIA Action for Road Safety [FIA]

Hi there, it’s been a while with an update, so here’s one. I was extremely excited to watch the new Spider-Verse movie, I thought it was really good. Both the soundtrack and score are awesome as well.

March Madness is almost upon us! It’s going to be wild, but here’s to hoping that someday, they will finally pay the players of the NCAA, who play for our entertainment, and don’t even get paid. It’s extremely unfair. As someone who has experience with working for free over extended period of time, I can empathize.

I know many of you, along with with myself are still going bonkers over what the Administration does, how embarrassed so many folks of various branches of govt are, and how criticizing in many cases ruin careers, we live in dire times. Thankfully, help is on the way. Part Two of the Blue Wave is here. We have numerous Democratic Candidates for 2020. Whoever wins, just remember, vote for the ticket, don’t fall in the “3rd candidate trap” and give the election away. In addition, hopefully we’ll see VP Pence at the rein sometimes later in 2019, as Mueller finishes his report. The reason why the report is delayed is due to the fact of what we all feared, the multi-level layers of corruptions has completely bewildered the Feds, who find themselves in a situation double if not triple the amount of Watergate. Let’s just say they wouldn’t be able to describe the situation with a 30min speech. Let’s also say a 1000-page paper may sound too convoluted, but necessary. The other issue is, what does it do to moral for a lot of folks? In any case, true Patriots will continue to do their work, as we continue to expose those who are in bed with the Homunculus. If there’s any consolation prize, it appears that Trump diminished the GOP so badly that people have learned their lesson for life. Did you see how people doing their W2 realized that they are getting a lower tax refund than before, while the millionaires get more back? Are you starting to get the message that maybe a 70% tax on the ultra-rich isn’t such a bad idea after all? Yes, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is young, but she has tremendous wisdom. Listen to her. Listen to Bernie too, he’s been beating his drums on many issues for like 20-30+ years. Just be happy, because everybody is getting “schooled” this 2020 election. People are going to wake the F up. They’re going to be like: “yikes, I guess one vote does make a difference.” Also, it is time, it is time for men to admit it’s okay when you have a female superior. It doesn’t make you any less than a man to report to a woman. You can be the greatest supersoldier in the world, guess what, as much as folks criticize Hillary Clinton, you know what she wouldn’t be doing right now? She wouldn’t be golfing in Florida and scaring the shit out of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists with a couple of tweets, she’d be….at work, working. Secretaries of State get down to business, they always engage in diplomacy to keep peace. Yes, it’s great to have all those weapons and talk a big game, but nobody wants World War III, nobody wants M.A.D., we all want peace and stability throughout our world, and that means having “inconvenient conversations.” It means we gotta keep pressing on the fact that Saudis bomb Yemen with American weapons. It means that after 50 years of oppression, maybe it’s time to give a couple pieces of land for Palestinians to live in peace and harmony with the Jews. We know white lives matter, we’re trying to get black lives to matter, and next step is to understand that brown lives matter too.

I got to visit the Aerospace museum for Museum Day in Sacramento. Our city is thriving! There’s still a lot of work to do. Let’s continue to get big things happening. Will the Sacramento Kings long drought finally end? Will they finally make the playoffs? They played the Warriors, whom without being too modest, have a team worthy of the damn NBA USA Olympics team. Thus, there’s still a lot of work to do. It’s possible! My hometown of Stade Rennais (back in France) somehow managed to stay in the Europa league! It’s like the Champions League for Football/Soccer, but kind of like a Secondary Division. Manchester United is still in the Champions League, but PSG won first-leg, so there’s a lot of work to do for the next match up!

It’s Black History Month, I suggest you read on Tuskegee Airmen, and watch The Green Book, great movie. I still need to read Michelle Obama & Kamala Harris’ books before the end of the month.

Listening to three albums right now: 10th anniversary of Drake’s So Far Gone, Formula E The Soundtrack, Palestine Sounds (Spotify), and the OKAMI soundtrack. Found some old Initial D soundtracks too, which are pretty cool. Armin van Buuren just released ASOT 900 album, and I think there’s a new Anjunadeep album from Above & Beyond’s record label.

I’m not trying to be funny, but I know many folks who are completely stressed out, how to say this: “just want to go home and play Red Dead Redemption II.” I can empathize. I have a ton of work to do, and quite frankly I just want to play some Gran Turismo. Anyway, we all have responsibilities. Keep working hard, keep doing a good job. Maybe not a lot of people know, but those who love you, and those close to you know. Remember, Trump golfing and tweeting isn’t “saving the world,” the 200-some forces left along with European Forces in Syria are the ones trying to save the world.

You might be a teacher, and feel overwhelmed by a crowd of young kids who rather stare at their instagrams than listen to your lectures. It’s ok. There are many students of yours who will listen, and forever be thankful for you. Shoutout to my Biology Teacher. Shoutout to my English Teacher. Shoutout to my French Teacher. Shoutout to my Econ Teacher. Shoutout to all the teachers who believe in their students who will grow up to do big things.

Looks like Jon Stewart continued to keep pressing. Thank God for Jon Stewart.

Don’t forget FuelFest in LA is coming up soon! I really want to meet Caleb and Tyrese someday.

Once again, it’s Black History Month, so be forever thankful. Why? Because there is something that you must always remember. Every black man in America who gets pulled over for a busted taillight has a different experience than a white person that gets pulled over for the same thing. That is our reality, and it is the difficult conversation that we all need to have. It’s a tough conversation, but we as a nation must have that conversation. Thus, let’s reflect, and remember this, let’s continue to find ways to deal with this.

We still have a while until the SR-72 is ready (or at least, that’s the official word), but I hope to visit the SR-71 at the Smithsonian one of these days! Definitely the most badass American plane.

Until Next Time!